Friday, July 18, 2008


Well my life has been all over the place lately, my house is in norfolk but spend most of my time in banbury or fulham so haven't really played lately..

I can't bring myself to sit down for hours and play online at the moment.. I have played against freinds recently quite a lot and do really really well, they are all beginners so it is easy though..

I do enjoy that though so may start visiting local clubs for a bit of fun and see how i do xx

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Well not posted for a while and not really played any poker so i thought i'd write about glastonbury last week.

It was brilliant as always, starting the weekend watching dynamo's rythm aces doing covers of spice girls and the who on a double bass was brilliant...

Friday saw the enemy, editors and thought rather than watch the kings of lyon or panic at the disco went to watch the stanton warriors which was superb. Saturday saw Jay-Z and simian mobile disco however my festival was nearly ruined as i walked close the the pyramid stage and heard a small amount of beautiful by james blunt..

will post more soon