Friday, July 30, 2010

Funny News

Five thousand unsold 24-carat gold limited edition Frank Lampard signature iPods are to be melted down and rebranded into ones featuring cartoon character Hello Kitty.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

off the drink

I think i'm going to stop drinking and try and get my kicks in other ways. As i said in my last post, i think it's dull just working all week and then getting shitfaced at the weekend. I went out yesterday for a works party. There were about 250 people from work there. I had been getting on really well with a girl from work and there was another girl from work who i'd had a kiss and a cuddle with the other week. The first girl annoyed me when she just was sat talking to this dickhead all night. The other girl i'd kissed basically saw me getting pissed of and was being really nice saying i shouldn't be bothered and then i felt like a wanker to her....

Have still been looking for exciting things to do. After meteoric mentioned VSO i had a look on their website. I had also randomly spoke to a really interesting bloke on the bus from stansted last week who ran a charity called global map aid that has desmond tutu as their patron (as it turns out he was in my village the day after and his friends telephone number was 1 digit away from mine). It was the same outcome speaking to him about charity work overseas then i found on the VSO website and the medicines sans frontiers website which is that you really need a skill to be worthwhile to overseas aid organisations. I could help build an orphanage for example, but anyone can do that can't they, they might as well just get local people to do that. I know the obvious answer would be to train for something but they want 6 years experience of doing whatever you train in so if I train now i should be able to do overseas volunteering in about 8 years..

I'd just got lax in my previous job before i got in all the trouble. I was earnng good money, had a brand new BMW, had a nice house with a really affordable mortgage, fit misses and life was good, i didn't need anything else. Now though with the criminal conviction I'm finding my options are limited and that I really need a skill to do anything. I looked today at bomb disposal jobs in the Army but I'll have to be really quick as you can only join until you're 32 which I'll be in February. I looked at Navy Submarines but wouldn't get there with an unspent criminal conviction.

I really just don't seem to fit in anywhere. Everyone at work is 19/20 and see their job as a career and enjoy getting shitfaced all the time and having a laugh. I see the job as something I have to do as I can't get anything else and hate it. I was looking for jobs overseas again and may do a TEFL course to teach english abroad. I was looking for jobs in Vietman and saw this which sounded brilliant:


We are offering an interesting job for acquired sport fans in a freelancer position. They have to attend sport venues for gathering sport statistics and real time providing. We will need local freelancer scouts, who are living close to the venues. The applicants have to be reliable and communicative.

Please contact us for further information regarding the job.

- Attending of top class sport events
- Payment on each single event
- Reimbursement of expenses regarding the duty

- Fluent in spoken and written English
- Good knowledge in Vietnamese sports. You don´t need to be an expert. But you have to know the rules and the teams.
- Achievable and common with modern communication devices (You will get frequent mails, SMS)
- Cell phone with at least 1 additional battery
- Mobility
- Applicant currently has to live in Vietnam
Job Types

* Comm (Radio, TV, & Film)
* Journalism
* Sports


- We pay 35,00 Euro per standard sport event (single match at a venue). Additionally we will reimburse ticket and transport expenses.
Experience Required


But need to live in Vietnam!!!

This would do me PERFECTLY:


Your application will be answered only if you send the application documents and indication position you are applying for. Your English Language standard and who you are will be judged by how you apply.

SALAAM School works with marginalized communities to make vocational training opportunity available for youth who do not have much choices for further studies. Our work helps to reduce youth poverty, support families on low income, to reduce crime and prevent young people from drugs

In this job you are provided food, accommodation, transportation (travel between the islands), medicals, and a work permit. You will work locations (atolls) assigned to you in Maldives

You are offered USD 400.00 net per month and a contribution on USD 400 towards your ticket.

Please know that you will need to be flexible, self-initiating, tolerant and friendly but firm and you will need to be effective in your communication and encouraging to the young people we are dealing with. Your challenge will lie in motivating those who are less inclined through tapping their creativity.

You need to be creative yourself and think of activities within your training modules that will create fun and interesting learning.We are not judgmental in our approach.

This opportunity is only between 1st March to 30th April 2010.

Anyone on to Poker. I can't get money out of neteller so haven't played for ages. I managed to get $5.50 together for a Raise the River syndicate game and cashed for about $11.50. I was pissed of today... I played an 8 game freeroll (NLHE,PLO hi/lo,PLO, LHE, razz, 2-7, limit stud and limit stud hi lo) there were 6000 entrants and it lasted for hours and top 48 won, I ended up getting knocked out after hours in about 80th which was annoying. I really need to try and get the neteller money out so i can play a bit more

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bored bored BORED

So bored with life right now.

I've just come back from a holiday in Cap Salou where my sister works. Had a good laugh out there and saw a load of old friends and it bought back some memories of when i used to work out there.

Now i'm back at work speaking to wankers all day selling insurance.

I really need to do something exciting with my life. Something daft maybe. I have been googling things like "security guard jobs Iraq" and "Navy mine clearance diver" to see what comes up but struggle with experience and criminal record. I don't like what the army stands for, but it might be an exciting thing to do to join. I think that's really what I need in Life, it's not money it's excitement and the sense of adventure. That's whats really killing me at the moment. Life is just mundane... Wake up, go to work, speak to wankers all day, come home, eat dinner, go to bed... and repeat daily. i haven't got money to travel and don't want my life to be saving for 6 months for a fortnight of excitement on holiday.

Any ideas on daft jobs that are exciting would be appreciated

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Radical Idea

England at the World Cup were a joke. The players are supposed to be the best in the world but were useless together as a team.

When i train with young 16-17 year olds for my local team. The best players always want to play together. I always get the not so good players together and tell them it's ok we will play together and just say "you pick any 11 and i'll have the rest". What then happens is I organise my team with 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 strikers and a keeper and am always shouting telling my team where to stand and who to mark. the other team don't do that and play with 11 attackers. Who do you think wins? The team with the best players or the team that's organised? The team that's organised every time.

This World cup has shown with Holland, Germany, Uruguay and many others that if you have a good TEAM then that can win over talented players who don't want to play with each other. My Idea for England is as follows...

Qualification as usual..

Then a year before the world cup, go round the clubs and pick your world cup squad from the best youth players that currently don't play in the first team squad. Pay their wages and get them all together playing together. They will then have time to develop as a team and learn to play with each other. The clubs benefit in the same way as if the players were out on loan. You wouldn't need to pay a manager £5million a year! Then put those players into the tournament and see how they do. An organised talented side that have played together for a year, how do you think they would do? And do you think we'd have done better if we'd done that this time??!? Definately