Sunday, September 19, 2010

Check this one out....!

Am playing as Googlemomma on stars

Saturday, September 18, 2010

increased my bankroll by 15 times in 1 day

It's true! But not as exciting as you may think...

All my poker funds still it neteller but managed to cash in a freerole on stars yesterday and won a massive $0.65 which was my entire bank roll. So i put my whole roll (lol) on a linit 0.02/0.04 table and then played super micro limit NLHE and PLO and have built it up to a massive $10 today. The standard on those games is really really poor. Have not even been concentrating on massively multi tabling. Have watched every episode of the inbetweeners on the laptop and started on the last episode ok skins today as well. I think i'll stay at the micro limit 6 max NLHE tables as the standard is below poor.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


1. Neteller = Wank
2. Man Utd v Rangers = Wank
3. Pope = Wanker
4. Work = Wank
5. N-Dubz = Wank
6. Peggy Mitchell leaving Eastenders - Wank
7. Women - Wank
8. Poker - Wank
9. Car - Wank

That is all

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Reason why am not playing

I've actually like not being able to get my money out of neteller and not playing. Played a few MTTSNG the other day with the RTR syndicate winnings and didn't really enjoy it. I think if i'm going to play ever i'll just play the odd MTT. I'd like to play alot but have realised this is for money and the issues i have with this are as follows:

1. Am not good enough
2. Tilt to much
3. Have better things to be doing with my time

Years ago "back in the day" i could grind $20 HUSNG and make a decent ROI (would have been higher if i didn't keep making bad attempts at the $50's) however the games are much tougher now with more software aids/forums. I can't grind as i have a full time job and i think's thats my main problem. I COULD grind all night at MTTSNG or HUSNG. Say i play 2/180's on stars and make a 20% ROI and play 20 a night i can make $8 a day. For the length of time that would take I really have things that I would rather spend my time doing. If I could play the 12/180 and make 30% ROI and make $72 a night then that's a different story, however i don't have the bankroll/ability to do that. I can't even be bothered trolling through websites to improve as i think my natural ability is going to be limited. Some people are generally cautious, some aggresive and I think the way your personality makes you a better or worse player, and i think it's hard to change that. I think i'll play MTT if i have spare time/am bored but nothing else.