Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shit at poker as always but better at life

Well a week makes a bit of a difference.. I had a great talk with my best mate and it really helped me to talk to someone. I haven't played poker in a while and to be honest i don't think i will to the new year. I think i've hit a plateau with the games i'm playing and will not get better. I need to evaluate my game as i play the heads up games in autopilot now which is bad.

I will go over my goals for 2007 that i posted in January so we can all have a laugh!! My life has turned upside down since then so it'll be funny to see what i was projecting to win!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Still Shit at Poker... and Life

I always seem to do well playing $20 heads up on stars, won $60 tonight in about an hour.. My problem is i haven't been playing very much. Since splitting up with the ex in January i have lived on my own. I'm not very good at that so stay away at mates, or away with work or in Banbury where my office is based and this girl i am kind of seeing (not that she knows this i think lol)

I'm in a bad place in my life at the moment.. I have a few minor problems and 1 super huge massive problem that has huge problems attached to it. I think it is now at the stage where i am going to need some professional help, and i need to tell my mum which i am dreading, but it's one of those problems that is so seriuos you dread telling but they'll really help you. That doesn't stop me not wanting to tell her though.

I like this blog, it is a good way to write the things i think, no close friends read this or aliases so i can air my issues, in a way it's like text councelling...

I'll keep posting when i'm home, am now off to Big Macs anonymous...

Come on ricky hatton...