Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Funny News....

A pet shop owner who was electronically tagged after selling a goldfish to a 15-year-old boy has said she was "stunned" by the sentence.

Joan Higgins, 66, pleaded guilty at Trafford Magistrates' Court to selling an animal to a person under the age of 16 unaccompanied by an adult.

She also admitted causing unnecessary suffering to a cockatiel at Major's Pets, in Sale, Greater Manchester

Causing unnecessary suffering to a cockatiel....brilliant

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yeah?! No shit....

Puerto Rican pop star Ricky Martin has announced he is gay

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Am giving up

Am going to take a long break from poker and then see how I feel when i come back but if i still feel like this i think i'll quit the game for good. I want to enjoy playing but can't. I wake up feeling good about things then play poker and it just gets me down. Am on stars and i thought i'd play some HU PLO but the minimum buy in is $50 which ios fine, however all the tables are full of sharks sat with up to $700. I then play some HUSNG and get some stupid beats to lose and then fire up some MTSNG and play TWO. Just TWO and the following 2 hands happen and it's impossible for me not to get disheartened. Am going to take a while of then and may not be back.

and this one for fun

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fooled By Randomness

I'm reading a book at the moment called "Fooled by Randomness" and it's really interesting about how luck figures a lot more in day to day things than we think. The book talks alot about market traders but I can't help linking it to poker. I read this below last night. I'll copy it exactly as the book says, remember it's not about poker but about business, but i can't help changing the works from business to poker in my head!!

"Can we judge the success of people by their raw performance and their personal wealth? Sometimes - But not always. We will see how, at any point in time, a large section of businessmen with outstanding track records will be no better than randomly thrown darts. More curiously, and owing to a perculiar bias, cases will abound of the least-skilled businessmen being the richest. However, they will fail to make an allowance for the role of luck in their performance.

Lucky fools do not bear the slightest suspicion that they may be lucky fools - by definition, they do not know that they belong to such a category. They will act as if they deserved the money.Their strings of successes will inject them with so much serotonin(or some similar substance) that they will even fool themselves about their ability to outperform markets (our hormonal system does not know if our successes depend on randomness). One can notice it in their posture; a profitable trader will walk upright, dominate style - and will tend to talk more than a losing trader. Scientists found out that serotonin, a neurotransmitter, seems to command a large share or our human behavior. It sets a positive feedback, the virtuous cycle, but, owing to an external kick from randomness, can start a reverse motion and cause a vicious cycle. It has shown that monkeys injected with serotonin will rise in the pecking order, which in turn causes an increase in serotonin level in their blood - until the virtuous cycle breaks and starts a vicious one (during the vicious cycle failure will cause one to slide in the pecking order, causing a behavior that will bring about further drops in the pecking order). Likewise, an increase in personal performance (regardlessof whether it is caused deterministically or by the agency of lady fortuna) induces a rise of serotonin in the subject, itself causing an increase of what is commonly called "leadership ability". One is "on a roll". Some imperceptable changes in deportment, like an ability to express oneself with serenity and confidence, make the subject look credible - as if he truly deserved the shekels. Randomness would be ruled out as a possible factor, until it rears it's head once more and delivers that kick that will induce the downward spiral

Isn't he perfectly describing why we tilt in there??

Poker is about break even at the moment but not played a =lot. Below is a bit of a mad hand earlier. Have villain crushed ore, flops nut straight and then.. well see for yourself!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

10% ROI

Am going to aim to make 10% ROI on the HUSNG tables. My problem is putting the volume in. I think i'll start building up the multi tabling which i haven't done before at HUSNG. Am playing $5 at the moment and will move to $10 in the next few days. I used to do well at the $20 so will move to them bankroll permitting. 10% ROI at the $20 tables means if i can get 10 games in a day thats $20 a day profit which does me fine. At that rate i will have saved enough by November for my holiday.

10% ROI all i need to think about!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Feel like an arsehole

I went out last night for a friends 30th Birthday party and had a good night. I ended up in a club with a few others and suddenly felt really drunk and a bit rough so decided i needed to leave straight away. All but one of us left and i spoke to my mate apologising saying i felt rough and had to go, he said it was fine and he'd stop out.

This morning it turns out that he left the club ten minutes after we left on his own and got jumped at the taxi rank by a couple of blokes and ended up in hospital. He's got a nasty cut above his eye, a couple of teeth are out of place and one chipped, his face is swollen quite badly and his jaw really hurts. I know hindsight is a fantastic thing but of course you think that he would have been less likely to be assaulted if there were 2 of us.

All this was in Norwich city centre and even though it was not exceptionally bad, it might raise alot of questions in the news due to the fact of the location it happened. It's quite a quiet area and I was sure they had marshals around there after this happened at the same place:

Three men were arrested today in connection with the murder of a banker allegedly set upon after remonstrating with a gang attacking a homeless man.

Father-of-two Frank McGarahan, 45, of Much Hadham, Herts, died in hospital yesterday after being injured in central Norwich in the early hours of Sunday.

Police said three men - all in their early twenties and from the Norwich area - had been arrested.

A spokesman said the men were being held at police stations across Norfolk.

Mr McGarahan was chief operating officer of Barclays Wealth, a section of Barclays Bank which manages the assets of some of the world's richest people, and had been enjoying a night out in Norwich before a family christening.

Police said he was hurt at around 3am on Sunday and died in hospital yesterday without regaining consciousness.

Detective Superintendent Chris Hobley, who is heading the inquiry, said Mr McGarahan had seen a homeless Lithuanian, who was walking a dog with his girlfriend, assaulted and he remonstrated. There was an "exchange of words" then Mr McGarahan was hurt.

Mr Hobley said Mr McGarahan, who had been for a meal and visited several bars, was at a taxi rank with his brother Kevin, who lives in Norwich, and a cousin.

He said all three men, plus a bouncer who worked at a nearby strip club, became involved in the incident. The bouncer suffered a broken jaw and Mr McGarahan's cousin also needed hospital treatment.

Norwich taxi driver Daniel Rennie said today he saw the aftermath.

"He was lying face down on the pavement," said Mr Rennie.

"Paramedics worked at him for some time."

Mr Rennie said he saw another man sitting on a wall with his head in his hands "looking very upset".

He added: "Anyone who helps a fellow human being in that situation is a very brave man."

Same club, same taxi rank. Hopefully they should have it all on CCTV to catch the fuckers who did it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Why did i leave!!

I know it doesn't mean much but....

Just played my first HUSNG on pokerstars after a couple of years break. Only a $5 game that i won but the whole structure of the game and starting blinds etc feels so right. I used to do well on the $20 games with an ROI of 10% over 1000 games and used to win about $400 a month. If i can do that again i will be very happy!!


Am 2 - 0 after what i thought was a great comeback after the HU super cooler!

PLO Rush

took the majority of my roll out and have busted what i had left in full tilt playing PLO rush. PLO is far more frustrating then NLHE. The players are trying to fucking play holdem i think and have no clue what they are doing sat round a PLO table which makes it even more annoying when they suck out.all the money goes in on a 56J rainbow board when i'm holding 7,8,9,10 so have most of the deck to hit and what has villain got?? Ackc2c2h..ace high but of course 2 clubs hit so am busto.

am not going to play on Full Tilt. Was going to play the 90 and 180 man but the structure's arn't right so will play them on stars.

On a different note am really tired all the time. Think i won't play tonight, just might watch some lost, get really confused and then fall asleep...

Am well happy with the champions league draw today...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Editors and PLO Rush

Went to see the Editors last night in Cambridge and they were really good. Was full of stuck up retard Cambridge University students though which put a bit of a downer on the night...

Was doing ok at rush (well of course i was doing well i had just deposited :-)...) and now the arse has fallen out of it, especially when people catch hands like this...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The stupidest thing i've ever heard...

Saw this on the news tonight:

the biggest recording deal in history, worth more than $200m (£133m), with Sony Music


The deal reportedly involves 10 album projects over seven years - including one of previously unreleased material.

10 album project ok?

Guess who it is

Michael Jackson

Now if i'm getting all this right in the 50 years he was alive he released:

Off the wall
Blood on the Dance Floor

Not includin the Jackson 5 which i don't know if that is linked to this or not.

So we can expect 10 albums from Michale Jackson now he's dead, even though he only released 7 when he was alive. So if 1 is going to be off unreleased material and they just re release all the other 7 albums then what are the other 2 going to be? 2 Greatest hits albums???

Maybe a couple of charity ones for childrens charities that look after children who have suffered abuse from child molesters. Of maybe adult sufferers who end up killing themselves when they can't seem to get over the fact that Michael Jackson molested their child in the 90's (that actually did happen)

But know lets just remember that the child molester could moon walk.. I always preferred Gary Glitter anyway..

Bye Bye Boss

Have cut my ties to Virgin and the boss network. Have deposited $250 into Full Tilt and am going to deposit into stars.

played my first (and only) session 3 tabling rush and in the space of 10 minutes was $14 down!!! no more

180 man and 90 man for me

Aside from that, between 1800 and 2400 tonight i will finally be free!! Serco are coming round to remove the tag after 6 months in jail and 6 months curfew i will finally be free in as little as 20 minutes...

Useless Retard monkeys

sorry folks but how is it not possible to get tilted when things like this happen??

Is it just me on would these get everyone else's back up? Always at the start of a session so i have to stop as well.

Not enjoying playing at the moment against these players. Might just move up limits and hopefully play against better players, I really don't care if i get beaten it'll just be nice to play against proper players and not monkeys sat in a zoo somewhere.

EDIT - Just requested to take all my money out of boss. went back on then this happens.

Because it's 5 handed. the prize money is low and you can't win enough to outweigh the retard calls. All my moneys going to Full Tilt and Pokerstars for the 180 and 90 man MTSNG. I really couldnt give a fuck if i win, it'll be nice to enjoy playing again

EDIT 2 - am done with boss. deleting them as affiliate, wouldn't recommend anyone to play there. it's a terrible terrible network, which is probably why nobody plays there. plus they've been advertising a fucking $10k freeroll tonight for ages, just play 1 raked hand in 21 days etc, how many entrants?? 5000. As soon as you realise it's registering it;s fucking full. Boss ran by monkeys and fucking monkeys play on it. good night and good game you useless fucking retard network

Monday, March 15, 2010

The shortest long session ever........

My mentality at cash and the low stakes SNG is funny. I don't think i enjoy playing them! I sat down earlier for a long session on the cash tables so sat at six NL4 tables and the 3rd hand dealt on one i get AA and the $4 gets in the middle pre flop and i get beaten by 4d 5d. I immediately stand up and leave all the tables i'd sat down on....

I think i'll be joining Burnley John at the 180mans on stars soon when i can get money out of boss. I have now deposited £10 into my £400 bankroll using neteller. I had to deposit on to my Virgin account before i could withdraw but how long should i leave it before i try and take money out?

Sunday, March 14, 2010



I really want to go on holiday somewhere inspiring and interesting. I was going to go to china, Hong Kong and Macau as said in a previous post but i've been looking today at the requirements for a visa and i think i have no chance. Alot of my mates will be off to vegas and i think i have no chance of entering the states either. I could go and visit my ex girlfriend in Melbourne and shock her and give her new boyfriend what he deserves but i don't think i'd get into australia either, and that's probably not a good idea anyway!!

Thinking about trekking to base camp at Everest. I was looking at Kilimanjaro but that's actually quite expensive. Plan now is to go November time and the trek for 18days costs £995 and say £600 for flights so i need £1600. Will have april, may, june, july, august, september pay days so really need to save £250 a month which will be hard but achievable. Add to that the £400 i have in poker accounts, if i can BREAK EVEN over the next 6 months then that will help me pay for a bit and, heaven forbid, i actually win some then all the better.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The strangest most worrying facebook conversation i've ever had.......

Conversation with a friend of mine earlier. To set the scene i used to go out with a girlg called Georgina (George) who was actually mental i think.. anyway.. conversation from earlier

It is a bit wrong...:

U remember George?xx

do i have to remember george?

ok yeah...

She had sex with her brother before you fucked her.xx

right before? or like an hour?x

Few weeks I think. Seriously I know this as fact mate, she was not right in the head but THAT is beyond fucked up! He blood brother they share a mother and she shagged him, and more than once!xx

really? how do you know? x

Quite lond winded how I know, but she told me after she'd gone to see him that she'd had a dream she'd shagged him and she was worried bout it. I'd actually just read a piece in a mag about blood relatives who meet up after a long absence and are sexually attracted to each other, it's a well accepted thing that sometimes happens but it does wear off with time. She seemed relieved though I was like fucking hel if I'd had a dream like that I wouldn't tell ANYONE man. Then anyway after she split from Chris ******* he said to me that she'd told him she'd fucked her brother and she was sick. I was like mate no she might have had a dream or something but it didn't happen, and he was adamant she'd told him she'd done it, I thought she was just trying to shock him (coz the stuff she told me him and her did in the bedroom was fucking weird man) and thought again why the fucks she saying shit like that to people coz Chrsi totally believed she had. Anyway, I saw a mate of mine ***** on ***** profile and his ex Charlotte was really good mates with George for ages, and her name came up and he said that she was evil and kept trying to fuck ******* and she'd fucked her own brother, I was like I thought i was the only person who knew anything bout that and thought Chris ***** must ahve been saying shit to people so I aksed him how he knew and he said he was in bed with ****** and he made her put the phone on speaker when George rang coz he didn't trust her and George was crying saying she'd done soemthing really bad and said all bout it and he heard evertything, then she told me she'd just dreamt it obviously. So Jesus man it was TRUE! Yak! I never thought for a second it could be man it's so wrong!xx

what did they do in the bedroom that was weird to you?!

Thye ahd sex in front of a live webcam with people watching and she fisted his arse (at his request) and there was shit everywhere apparently, he like to do it in front of people and be analized, but I don't knw if it's true she said it after they broke up so she might have been trying to cause shit for him. Again, not sure why she wanted to tell me that but she's not shy when it comes to shit you really shouldn't reveal!xx

this is by far the strangest conversation i've ever had...



Bankroll Disaster

i really really really really need to withdraw from boss and play the games i enjoy and do well at. I've dumped about 44euros in the space of an hour and a half playing 3 +0.30 5 seater SNG on virgin. Every table i look at am being dumped out by some daft hand and can't hit anything. I might withdraw and walk away completely and remove myself from poker. Does it really do anything for me?? or is it just a game for degenarate gamblers who lose out on so much of their normal lives just to win fuck all at the poker tables.

It's funny how it works, i hadn't worked for a year, and as soon as i start working i then get worried about money. I really want to go on holiday this year so was looking for my bankroll to pay towards that. I bought a car today anyway an old N reg VW Golf TDI complete with lots of rust and sticky tape holind the bumpers together but it cost me £430 with 12 months MOT and 6 months Tax and £20 worth of diesel in the tank so not bad.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grumpy old man and £200 a month

I really find myself getting more and more wound up about things as i get older. Today for example i was in the supermarket and went to look for some rich tea biscuits (which by the way of not where the rich tea biscuits were last week as tesco's have moved the whole aisles around for the 290741289345 week running so you browse more) and was stood in the middle of the aisle looking for them as obviously they wern't where they were on the shelf last week. Now i was stood in the aisle and some ond women who was pushing a trolley and probably looking for them horrible raisen biscuits all old people seem to have started walking down the aisle. Now to be polite i moved backwards so she could get passed so where did she decide to stop? Yep... right in fooking front of where i was stood now looking into her back for my rich tea biscuits. Could she not see i was stood there looking for something??? It made me feel really good about moving out the way for her...

hmmmmmm understanding now why i get tilted at poker more that i used to. I contacted boss support the other day and have permanantly banned myself from chat. I was timing out on 4 tables just to say "perfect call there pre flop mate with Q7, well played, you're a genius" etc so thought it was distracting me too much so just had it switched off.

I really need to make some money from poker. My jobs shit and i think i'll take home about £1k a month. Now rent £300, car insurance £50, Storage £30 only leaves £600 a month for everything else which is alright, but won't leave me much to save for going on holiday etc so i really need to try and make £100 - £200 a month poker so every 6 months or so i'll have £600-£1200 to go on holiday with. Won't ever happen tho... probably best to use the time stacking shelves in morrisons..

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The euphoria is definately over...

I was feeling alright after the first few weeks of work. Loads of young people about having a laugh, speaking to people on the phones....all good. Now it's getting me down. Trying to get 80 year olds to instantly buy insurance as the majority of our targets are based on inbound quote instant conversions is not something i like doing. To add to that, i'm 31 and know i messed up a lot in the last few years however it's annoying when there is an under 16 year old doing the same job as you and actually getting paid more as his tax code is low because he's young. It really gets me down. I used to have a good job and be well paid, i need to actively look for something better as i don't think doing this long term will be good for my sanity. At first i liked it mainly as i was meeting new people and socialising, but when i've got 10 years sales experience and am being beaten by someone just out of school or who used to work at John Lewis because they want it more than me, or are happy pressuring elderly people into buying then it does make me question and reevaluate my life...

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Downswing and Stephen Hawking

I've never encountered a huge downswing before but think i'm on one now! Am down 20 buy ins at 3euro 5 seater SNG from about 22 games!. Played only 6 today and stopped after I had 1 second and thats it. Everything seems to be missing, outdrawn etc and i know everyone has these but below are a few of the hands from todays pounding i took, 2 were all in against the player i finished 2nd to in the end when he was shortstacked for the win. I'm actually worried about my bankroll at the moment even though i have nearly 160 buy ins left as taking a 60euro hit from a 540 bankroll hurts!!

I had some interesting comments for my post yesterday regarding different sites. On reflection I think there are many factors that affect my game that will make me suit different sites with the same games. For example on pokerstars the blind structure on HUSNG are different and you have different starting blind to boss (boss 15/30 stars 10/20) so after 10 minutes on boss with their short blinds you're probably playing 100/200 blinds when on stars you'd be playing 15/30, so there is a lot more "play" in the games and i think this helps the better players to win. So at $20 HUSNG i think thats the reason i do better on stars. I think the blind structure is something that affects my play. I'm more of a patient player waiting for hands to then make moves with. Tight aggressive probably, playing the hands i get strongly. Knowing this i'm not sure why i seem to always find myself playing short handed SNG and HUSNG which don't suit my type of play in my opinion. The MTTSNG on stars with a 15 minute blind structure are interesting though. That really suits my play of being patient and waiting for spots to make my move.

I'm reading "A Briefer History of Time" at the moment by Stephen Hawking. I don't know if you will find it interesting or not but i've always liked physics and the universe has always fascinated me. It's actually a really good read and i recommend it. Some of the things that scientists know about the universe is amazing. In another book i read they talk about a spaceship leaving earth at half the speed of light. If it travelled for 50 years and returned, when it returned to earth 57 and a half years would have passed so seven and a half years less would have passed for the people on the spaceship. It said it matter of fact in the book and i thought "that's time travel!! how do we not know about this?!" Also if your TV isn't tuned and you have the snowscreen, some of the interference on there is backgroung radiation from the creation of the universe... and i thought it was just Poltergeist...

Anyway here are those hand from earlier, standard beats but hurt when you're running as bad as i am at the moment! The bottom two are the ones HU for the win that i ended up losing....

Monday, March 08, 2010

Site and game differences

Am going to stop playing at the moment. Poker gets me so angry. I felt positive after my last post but then as soon as you start feeling alright the cooler starts and i must have dropped 15 buy ins straight away. the moves i make I think are good, just not against the fish at 3euro levels who's calling range is massive.

People must have games they're better at and sites they do better on. This of course shouldn't be the case if all random number generators were the same but then why do some people play on one site and some another? because they feel comfortable? I feel I win more money on stars and feel i could do really well at the 90 man or 180 man MTTSNG. Even on Boss it seems i'm a break even player at short handed SNG or HUSNG but then i have nearly a 100% ROI at MTT where all my results have been in the 6Euro that has between 100-200 runners. If i can't get my money out onto stars i'll just take it out and use it for my holiday as i said in my last post.

It's just frustrating to me that because of work commitments i can't really sit and play a session of MTTSNG and can't put money into stars until i sort my neteller account out, so i'm stuck playing a game i'm break even at that tilts me.

Should that be the case? Is everyone better at some sites then others and at certain games?? Even better at one site than another at the same games??

Sunday, March 07, 2010

9 Days to go...

Been playing quite a lot of poker in the last couple of days. Even though i know how to play the game i really don't think i fully understand and grasp things like variance to stop myself getting tilted. In the past i've always won a bit and thought that wasn't good enough so tried to find a game that i could smash and make money left, right and centre, but of course that doesn't happen.

I've been thinking about what i really want from playing poker and at the moment, being able to make a few ££££ to pay for a nice holiday sounds good to me. I've currently got about 530 Euros in my account and i want to go away for a week in April/May to somewhere exotic and then i want to go with my mate to China in September travelling round from Beijing to X'ian to Shanghai and then down to Hong Kong and across to Macau for some casino action. Now i don't want to have poker pay for all of this, but the flights/trains across china/ferry to macau all in costs £560 so am not far away with my current bankroll (that started from 13euros).

I'm not going to experiment or mess around, i'm just going to play short handed SNG either at 3euro or 5euro when my roll reaches 700. Playing these i'm never going to win a fortune but enough to be able to help towards my goal of going away. I think i'm running around 20% ROI at the moment but if i can keep above 10% i'd be happy and just put in the volume if i can. I still find myself getting tilted though even if i'm winning which frustrates me as i have to stop playing so it affects my total winnings.. I have been trying to stop balance checking as some of the guys on the raise the river forum have been speaking about but it's difficult when the balance is shown in the lobby. Am about 30euro up for the last 2 days which i'm happy with at 3euro 5seater SNG's.

Anyway on a different note, it's been nearly a year since i was sentenced in court so my sentence finishes a week on tuesday which means i'll finally be free to go out and do things i want rather than be curfewed at home like I have the last 5 and a half months... Can't wait

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Play as me

If anyone wants to play in a Virgin loyalty freeroll on Monday at 20.00 with around 30 entrants with a 500euro prizepool split something like 200,150,100,50 euros for 1st-4th and split any winnings 50-50 then let me know.

As i say it's a freeroll so worth a pop. I'm working 1600-2200 shifts again all week at my new job so can't play.

comment if you're interested

Friday, March 05, 2010


My best game really is MTT SNG. I think my ROI at these is around 90% from 150 games. I keep playing short handed sng and really don't enjoy them. There are so many useless idiots playing them and it tilts me when i get called by useless idiots. It's not losing that bothers me really, i'd love to play against better players and get beat and think Wow iw as owned by that player and i can learn from that, rather that getting tilted by someone calling my all in HU with J6 and beating my 10 10.

I really need to see how to sort my neteller account running to add then remove from virgin.

virgin can fuck off too. I emailed them about 3 weeks ago about how to withdraw and i've had no responce.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Two Decades Older

Works going ok, am getting trained at the moment by this super attractive girl and been having a laugh. I found out she was 20 today and felt like a dirty old pervert. I'm 31 so was born in 1979, if she's 20 she was born in 1990 so she's a couple of decades behind me...

Not sure it would be worth all the hassle as even if she liked me (which she wouldn't) and we got together (which we won't).. trying to explain to her what the thundercats were or explaining that we came really close to winning the world cup the year she was born would be a bit annoying...

She is nice though.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

England Imploding

We're going to do it again arn't we?

For all you none english reading this i'll give you a bit of history to England at the World Cup. The hype in England is massive and every tournament we get a "maybe it's our time" mentality and think we're going to win.

Then something happens to F&CK it RIGHT up....

It's started already. I can already imagine the reports saying "John Terry's head wasn't in it" after he's tripped Robinho and gave away a penalty at 0 - 0 in the 90th minute of a quarter final against Brazil. Whether it's metatarsels, WAG's, Winking, Diego Simone, Sol Campbell scoring late on and being disallowed (TWICE against argentina in 98 AND Portugal in the 2004 euros).

Always something.

Our preperations have been shit as well. Ferdinand our new captain hasn't played. We haven't got a decent experienced goalkeeper. We haven't got a left back and we'll play Glen Johnson at right back who's shit. That means 3 out of our 5 defending players arn't good enough. Then add that Theo Walcott started tonight (WTF?) and that If Wayne Rooney gets injured then we might as well not bother. It also looks like Peter Crouch will probably play alot and probably score against poor teams and then look like a reject from the circus against half decent teams.

i think we'll get knocked out on penalties in the quarter finals like usual...

Tuesday, March 02, 2010


This is what I have to put up with low stakes on Boss. Weirdly this guy was impossible to play against, you can't put him on any hand.

Watch this hand, I was PISSING MYSELF... Go on, someone PLEASE tell me what they were hoping to hit..please... I could understand if they were going to fire the river, but they didn't..

My issue with the low limits

i don't want to play better players as that's just daft but i do have issues playing against the idiots at low stakes. Take the following hand for example, this guy i knew was poor and i thought i had a good read on him. I was 100% sure in this hand that he had nothing he could call me with so check raised him. Now I've won this hand but it does bring up some questions, please look and i'll carry on below:

So my read was right he really didn't have anything he could call me with. However if he's going to call with 85 after a check raise all in when he's only thinking surely he's drawing to a 6, his calling range here would be absolutely massive.

This makes it a weird situation then. Against a better player here they have to fold 85 so the right play was the play i made. However in this situation i've come to the conclusion that this is the wrong move due to the potential calling range this guy has, so am confused about how to proceed?!

Am confusing myself even writing this. When do i know when to make these kind of plays? and at what levels??

Monday, March 01, 2010

Car Insurance Stereotypes

First day on the phones selling car insurance today... joy..

you can't make this shit up either...


Guy from Liverpool. i asked if he'd had any claims in the last 5 years. "Yes" car had been stolen....

Call 2

Women from Wales, same Question... "Yes" Had written her car off running into a sheep.....

Just need someone from Norfolk to call who ran over their Sister/mum and a someone from Somerset who crashed their combine harvester and i'll have the full set...