Sunday, December 19, 2010

I need a girlfriend


I really need a girlfriend. It was our work Christmas Party on Tuesday (Which made the BBC national news in a completely unrelated story - That's me in the leather jacket walking in at the start) and I spoke to loads of girls from work but didn't really pick any specific girl so was just walking round to talking to everyone all night. Then at the end of the night am still on my own as I haven't really made a decision on which girl i like the most.... The party was a laugh though and it went well thankfully as i'd organised it. I'd booked a hotel in Norwich as it would be easier to get to work the next day, i got back to the hotel at 0300 and the facking front door to the hotel was locked. I was banging on the door and calling the hotel and ended up getting let in at 4 which was a pisser as i had to be in work at 0830 the next morning...

It's weird, I really don't like being at home at the moment. Normally people want to get to the weekend and don't like working. I'm the opposite, I like being at work and dread the weekends. All i do is sit and play poker and get really bored....

There is a secondment into a management position coming up at work which i think i'll apply for. It's about an extra £3k a year which will come in really really handy and it'll be good moving into management. The only problem is there will probably be around 70 people applying for it so i'll just have to see how it goes.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Full Tilt Cashout Procedure

Well poker rooms normally get on my nerves. All they care about is rake generation and have never been of assistance when I have contacted their customer service departments. Full Tilt have now annoyed me....

When you deposit on Full Tilt the minimum deposit you can make is $10 which is pretty standard for poker rooms. The minimum withdrawal amount however is $50. How is it fair to let people deposit $10 but then not allow them to withdraw it? I'm sure thats not the same as other poker rooms.

I contacted customer service and they said that it was the processors that state what the minimum and maximums are for deposits and withdrawals? That's got to be blatant lie doesn't it? Unless all poker rooms would have the same minumum and maximum deposits. They basically said that you need to deposit more money and then withdraw it. I told them they were basically forcing people to play if the couldn't take their money out and they said that you'd need to deposit MORE money to be able to withdraw it!! Surely that's not morally right....

So I had about $35 in my account and had 4 or 5 emails back and forth with their customer service department, the last one saying "we can't help you, you either have to deposit more money or use the money at the tables" (which i'm probably going to forward to the regulators) and then suddenly went on a 5 minute mega heater simultaneously on 4 rush tables to take me over $50 and could withdraw my money..... Coincidence?!?!?!?!?!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010


Well went to bruges the other weekend for shits and giggles with a couple of people from work. Had a really good time, Bruges was lovely and met a load of new people on nights out.

Not been up to much apart from that. Been working alot and went out for a few drinks and a meal with friends on saturday to a restaurant called "The Library" in Norwich. I think i'm banned from there now after climbing up the shelves on the wall to get a balloon and generally annoying all the staff.... It's our work christmas do on tuesday next week and there will be 250 people out so it should be a laugh...

On the poker front, been playing low limit rush, breaking even... boring x