Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Given Up

I'm going to stop playing poker

It's supposed to be enjoyable but i end up feeling so angry and pissed off when you get fucked out of a tournament it's not fun anymore...

AK called an all in against 88

AK 7 flop and 8 on river and every tournament i enter i get knocked out with the best hand.

Am not going to play, not sure when i'll update again

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Does anyone want to stake me on stars?

Well for obvious reasons as explained in previous posts i can't add to any poker account..

Does anyone want to stake me $200 on pokerstars??

Check my sharkscope ratings at $20 heads up STT which is what i'd play, below is my ratings:

Games Played 933
Av. Profit $2
Av. Stake $20
Av. ROI 9%
Total Profit $2,093

And at the top are my results at $20 Heads up STT. Not sure what the terms will be but we can discuss..
Let me know x x

Is everyone retarded?


Is it possible to win at micro stakes???

This is the best ever, i had 50% over average chips and had AA busted all in pre flop by 7 4 off...

I know i'm better than the players i'm playing against but what the fuck can you do??