Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ramsey Challenge

Horrible injury to the lad granted but....

Having watched it quite a few times, I'm not sure he gets sent off if the referee doesn't realise the extent of the injury?

The Vidic decision today was laughable (and i'm a united fan). How can the referee NOT send him off??

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cheque Cashing at Cash Converters

It's so strange having a job again. I really thought i'd find loads of things to write about but I really haven't. Work i'm really enjoying and the people there are really nice. There are some super fit women that work there as well so i can't wait till my curfew finishes so I can start going out on work nights out.

I got my first pay cheque the other day which was good, but I have a MAJOR problem as it was a pay CHEQUE. Now i haven't got a bank account at the moment so the only thing i can think of is to take the cheque to cah generator/converters and pay stupid fees for them to cash it.

Has anyone used of heard of someone using one of those places to cash cheques and know what commission they charge?

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Has anyone been watching lost?? What the FUCK

Have just finished season 5 where they crashed on a plane and some of them went back to 1977 and some of them didn't. Then one of the guys was killed and then came back to life but it turns out it wasn't actually the bloke you thought it was. Then the bloke who thought he could sort it out was shot by his mum in the past whilst she was pregnant with him and then they wanted to detonate a hydrogen bomb to make the future not happen.

fuck me.....

Work's been going alright and have been really busy and have not played any poker. I should start answering insurance calls on Monday which will be alright. I spoke to one of the managers today and they earn good money so hopefully i can progress through the company quite quickly.

HAd a panic today though. To change my curfew (tag) i need to tell the prison in writing which i did earlier in the week for my shift on Monday. At 4pm today they decided to tell us we were on different shifts so i had to panic about trying to get word to the jail so I could work the shift ( i haven't told work I'm curfewed)

All should be ok, unless my mate forgets to fax the letter for me tomorrow...

Saturday, February 20, 2010



I need to withdraw money from boss to put into pokerstars but canonly do this via neteller as i don't have bank accounts. Boss want a deposit before they will withdraw so i need to put money into neteller to put into boss to then withdraw to put into stars... Does anyone want to ship $10 into my neteller account and i'll ship $20 back when i've managed to get the money out of boss?

Live Eastenders...

They really fucked it up didn't they?!?!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


jesus is this what it's like in the real world?!?!

I'd not worked for a year and before that for 6 years had worked from home. Now i did have early starts when i worked from home and long days. I remember once leaving home at 03.00 to get to Stanstead when i had to visit JHQ Rheindahlen in western germany for a meeting with the MoD. I flew to Dusseldorf and back in a day and got home at 01.00 so was on the go for 22 hours but then didn't do much the next day. This week has been really really hard! Waking up at 0700 every morning and getting home between 1800 - 1900 depending on when i can get picked up because i can't get the bus because the route is stupid.

Works been going ok. Just going through insurance types etc which is a bit dull. the women training us is really fit which is all i seem to think about while she's talking to us..

Not played poker at all, miss it a little bit.

I'll update more at the weekend when i feel a bit better, there have been some funny things happened this week.

Anybody know what happened months ago with isildur1?? there's talk on RTR but not sure what heppened, did he get beaten badly by people?

Monday, February 15, 2010

First Day

Work went alright today. It was quite funny really how i'm so excited to have a job after the last year but is funny how i've fallen. When i got there they asked us to introduce ourselves and tell the group what our previous job was. I said "Hi my name's Matt and my job was national account manager for the military contract my last company had in selling identification solutions to all MoD sites in the UK and abroad". The girl after me said "Hi i'm Jess and i was a waitress".

It was a good crack though and there are some nice people who started today and the dynamic of the group was positive. I was having a laugh about the car parking situation which is the stupidest thing. We can't park at the site as there is a waiting list for car parking permits. The only place to park is a park and ride thats about 300 metres away that stops at the office. Now, there are rules stating that you can't walk out of the park and ride, you have to leave on a bus or in a car or you get a £45 fine so you have to get on the bus. The route the bust takes in the morning is direct into Norwich City centre and stops at my office on the way back to the park and ride. That will take about an hour to get the 300 metres from where the cars parked to the office. Then the route changes in the afternoon, so when you leave work you have to get the bus to the city centre again and back out!! They change the route so people can get directly to the city centre and back again during commuting hours. The thing is, there is no way around it.. Unless i find someone to pick me up who has a car parking permit.

On a different note, i was talking to my mum about a letter i read that someone had written in to the newspaper, and she showed me this clipping she'd cut out of the Melton times a few years ago and laminated. You really shouldn't, but i can't help laughing everytime i read it:

Keep up the good work

I am writing to say how excellent our ambulance service is. i have recently, on two occasions, called them out and both times the responce times were fantastiv, five minutes tops
Unfortunately my husband passed away, but all the staff were brilliant. So keep up the good work

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Inferiority Complex

Recently I've noticed that i have an inferiority complex and that if affects me quite a lot. I've always not taken myself very seriously and taken the piss out of myelf but it goes deeper than that. Take for example football on a sunday. I'm ok a football, not brilliant but i don't want to play most of the time as i think about what people will think of me when i do. When the ball gets played to me i'm always thinking "don't fuck it up" and then as i'mm thinking that, i normally do.

I never used to be like this i don't think. i used to be really confident talking to women and did really well but now i just think "why would they want to go out with me?" whenever i see or speak to someone i like so just don't bother. I know that alot of this is to do with the current situation i'm in, i just hope it doesn't stay like that when things get better.

When it comes to poker i think it affects me to. There's been alot of talk on blogs and the raise the river forum about psychology in poker. To be a winning player you need to have belief in you ability and just put the hours in and variance will kick in (as said in my last post). I haven't got 100% belief in my ability. I know i can win but still don't know if i make the right decisions 100% of the time and whether that will make me a winning player in the long run.

I'm starting work tomorrow at aviva and i'm hoping that being around people again and working and interacting will help me feel a bit better about myself then i do now.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Can someone explain variance to me?

I don't understand variance at all can someone explain it?

I understand the basis of it but somethings don't make sense.

If i was tossing a coin 1000 times then after lots of flips the amount of heads and tails would even out. However if i was betting someone completely random amounts each time that we fliped the coins then how can that ever even out?

In poker today. AA first hand or a tourney, all in and i lose and the result is i'm out that SNG and have lost $3. Later on different tables I've been dealt AA twice more, winning small pots from low stacks going all in both times. Now even though i have a few more chips I haven't won anything from those results. Now If Aces will win a certain percentage of the time, what if that percentage you lose by is worth 10 times the amount you win by? How does that come into Variance?

If, when heads up at the final table of the WSOP, you are equal with chips with the other player and you get dealt AA and get beaten, the difference in prize money is millions of dollars. Would someone make that back up in the future by making the right decisions and believing in variance?

So if you keep making the right decisions things will work out? I can understand that if every decision was equal, but they arn't.

I also think it's easier to lose money at poker than win it. Again if you dump a buy in a NL10 with AA, how many times would you need to dealt that hand again to win the money back? What if everytime you lose with AA you get stacked and the times you win you win a small pot? How does that come into variance?

I really don't understand it

People at he $3 limits make it a minefield going all in with trash and calling raises with anything. I will let any of you log into my account and play 10 Five seater $3 SNG and see if it is possible to win consistantly from it. Just ask and i'll give you my log in details...

SNG Madness

There's been alot of discussion about mentality and variance lately on the raise the river forum. I think volume is important in all poker but in SNG you really are looking for a ROI of anything above 10% is good. That means that if you enter a $3 tourney short handed you are going to win $0.30 from that. If you lose that or win in doesnt matter as long as you make the right decision as that $0.30 will come from each game.

Thats what i need to keep telling myself anyway

Am going ti hit the 5 seater SNG hard this afternoon and tell myself i don't care what the results are.

Did i mention this yesterday?!

About the playboy model?!

Sorry last one i promise...

Need something to lighten up my dull existance of my life at the moment!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Playboy Model

I was living in Manchester a few years ago and met a girl called Petra and started seeing her. I then met her sister and started seeing her who was a bit older and classier I thought. Petra wasn't really bothered about this by the way. It ended with Daniela, Petra's siter however a few months later she told me that I had got her pregnant and she'd had an abortion. I'd not forgotten about Daniela and the baby but had not thought of Petra for a while until a friend i knew at the time added me as a friend on facebook and told me that Petra's now a playboy model and has been in zoo, men and motors etc. Now I'm blatantly going to brag about this!!! This it Petra..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stopping playing on Boss

Am stopping playing cash and SNG on boss

Can't get past the retards.

I have had accounts on the following sites:

Full Tilt
Poker Stars
Bet Fair
3 x I Poker Skins
Poker Syndicate
Original Mansion
Original Virgin

And they ARE Different no matter what anyone says. Trying to play HU SNG on boss is impossible. So many retards about who haven't got a clue.

This is my graph HU SNG on Boss

And on Pokerstars:

It really speaks for itself..

I remember migraiting from boss to stars before and thinking the same. I was even contacted by the poker room manager to ask why i'd left. I think this is why i prefer MTT. If you enter 10 and get donked out of 9 then the prize money in the 1 left is good enough for a tidy profit. Trying to clear the donks at SNG or HN SNG on boss means you get donked out of loads so it's hardly profitable.

I've had a look at the sharkscope leaderboards and there are NO Boss players on any of them.

EDIT - thought i'd have just one more game to see if i was being too harsh. So this hand was AFTER my post. I ended up losing this game and it really makes me think iwa 100% right to say i'm not playing on boss anymore.

EDIT 2 - GG boss GG

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More MTT

Played a few MTT again tonight and last night and it felt good to get away from the cash for a while. I went deep in a rebuy yesterday and got knocked out with possibly the worst piece of fishy useless poker I have ever done in my life in 49th when running 5th and 734 started.

I feel quite good about poker at the moment. I'm down about £65 this month but have generated about £30 in rakeback. I've been playing a load of cash and losing. i actually feel good about this. A while ago whilst playing MTT and winning i thought that i knew loads and just couldn't win loads and loads. Having started playing cash i realise how little I actually know. Over the last week or so i've not been playing MTT to concentrate on the cash tables but thats's stupid. I win on MTT so i need to carry on playing. I was about £200 up on MTT in January which doesn't sound a lot but for the number i play is good. Am going to play in the 19.00 - 1Euro Rebuy, 3euro guaranteed at 19.35 and the 6euro at 20.00. Maybe also the 5euro headhunter but that does my head in.

My current financial situation (no bank accounts at all) means that i can only play with the current bankroll I have on Boss. The MTT i do the best in is the 6euro where i regulaly cash and FT and it usually has between 150-200 entrants. I would love to play the 90 or 180 man multi table SNG on stars as i think i'd be really good at those, but can't add any money to stars.

If anyone happens to have accounts at stars and a boss skin then please let me know then i can swap some cash from one to the other.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Apologies variance and the luckiest person in the world...

Hahaha... wouldn't you just know it, after my last post variance came and bit me in the ARSE today.. Karma, so i'd like to say sorry variance i'll never doubt you again, now please go away...

There was an article on the news earlier about Ringo Starr and he is the luckiest person ever to have lived. Now I HATE the Beatles completely. They are shit shit shit and I don't stand for this "you must like them because they're popular" argument. Susan Boyle sold million of records as have Robson and Jerome, Bob the Builder, The Cheeky Girls, Milli Vanilli, Level 42, Daniel O'Donell and Ricky Martin and you can't say that they're musical brilliance can you? Also if you look in the top selling albums of all time you have The Backstreet Boys and AC/DC in the top 10 who also arn't classed as brilliance and how many Beatles Albums?? None... Top selling singles then.. Baccarra - Yes Sir I can boogie ( ) has sold nearly twice as many as the biggest selling Beatles song and has anyone heard of it?? Nope.. and are they huge?? Nope..

So given the weirdness to me that the Beatles are as big as they are, take Ringo who wasn't the original drummer in the Beatles, that was Pete Best. Ringo was playing in a band called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes and joined the Beatles when Pete Best left. On the whole it seems Ringo didn't really contribute to the band at all in terms of creativity. At one stage John Lennon was asked if Ringo was the best drummer in the world, to which he responded "he isn't the best drummer in the beatles".

Ringo a few years back opened the "Liverpool capital of culture" celebrations and then a few days later told Jonathan Ross he missed nothing about living in liverpool.. well done there Ringo.

So Ringo star is now worth millions for playing the drums a little bit not very well.

Saying that he did read Thomas the Tank engine which is also shit...

Monday, February 08, 2010

There is no such thing as variance

Let me clarify that title...

There IS such a thing as variance in poker, I just don't think it is affecting me at the moment and let me explain...

In cash games at the moment, even though i'm getting better, i'm still making mistakes and not maximising the amount won in premium hands and still not getting away from hands as quick as I should. It's very easy to blame bad results at the moment to variance and not just bad play. I think variance comes into play when you're a top player and playing your A game and losing and being outdrawn THAT is variance. It's far too easy to use variance as an excuse for making mistakes and being a poor player.

Facebook Status

You know those people you have as friends that you don't really know or used to go to school with that you keep thinking about deleting as you never really want to speak to them ever again.. This was a girl from school who I hated at the time and haven't spoken to in 15 years.. this was her status today What do we think Gav's done?!?!

Jo - gav is officially a wanker... he emailed the police telling them he was safe and that i'm his ex!! he didn't have the balls to tell me to my face!!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

I'm so bad

Well the reason i get tilted so much is not due to the fact i get annoyed by beats, it's mainly when i get annoyed with myself for not being able to get away from hands and losing money. I think thats what the better players can do, get away from those hands i can't at the moment. Even though i'm rolled for NL10 i'm going to play a maximum of NL4 until i can win! On boss they have 5 seater tables and 10 seaters, i'm only going to play the 10 seaters from now on until i'm better and am going to be more patient and play super tight. I think i've been playing far too many hands so will tighten up and play top 10.

I need to start watching more tutorials on youtube. I watched a couple of the cardrunner ones and found them useful.

I start work a week tomorrow and am not really looking forward to it. It'll be good to earn some money and maybe book a fortnight all inclusive holiday to the Maldives or somewhere else in the Indiana Ocean afte the curfew finishes in 6 weeks or so. I really need to get away after the year i've had.

P.S - united are looking foooking brilliant ATM

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Saturday night = Retard Reward Night

Same player... 25 and 62

I'm going to stop playing it's winding me up far too much.

Fucking stupid game

qweft qwftgw2qerghwqrgjfihfoihf qiofhjq;hefqw

AA no Good....

AA good starting hand?!?!

Not according to my Poker Tracker

AA Cash Table

Times dealt - 33
Amount Won - MINUS $3.78

Saying all that - PT3 is showing me $13.56 up for the day. My records show me £2 DOWN and i'm only about £3 down on SNG. Now i know i need to transfer the $ into Euro but that doesnt't make any difference.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Most annoying fold ever?!?!


Am about -20 already today with hands like this:

this is getting stupid

I'm stopping for a bit. I'll have to drop levels to NL4 as this is ridiculous. My bankroll cant cope with this. It was £672. Poker Tracker is saying today i am - $23 over 385 hands but according to my stats that i checked before logging on i am -£30 at NL10 thats nearly 4 buy ins in 385 hands.

It is stupid and i can't understand why i do well at MTT and SNG and not cash.

So far for all the cash tables i've played stored in PT3 i have 6577 hands and am - $67.79 which must be wrong as i say earlier i've lost more than PT3 is showing.

I LIKE playing cash though it's just frustrating that i can't seem to be able to get the hang of it. Am going to play at a maximum of NL4 until i work out whats wrong.

The thing, is i fully understand about variance but there are these points to consider:

1. Am i good to begin with? How do you know that your losing is just varience and not just because you are a bad player?

2. I don't feel confident i'm making the righ decisions alot of the time, unlike when i play MTT and SNG. I DO make mistakes playing those but on the whole I know what to do.

How does playing cash differ to MTT play?? Or does it?

Thursday, February 04, 2010

NL10 is impossible

It's so frustrating. I can win at MTT. I do really well and make a load of cashes and final tables and do well at SNG. I'm just throwing good money after bad though at the cash tables. It's impossible. How the fuck can you get past players like this:

King fucking 8 all in and look SAME FUCKING PLAYER

Jack 6off. It's impossible to win against these players it really is. I'm now 25euro DOWN for the month already in cash games after about 1500 hundred hands. How can i not get this?!?! It's the SAME GAME!!

Facebook status

You know those people you have as friends that you don't really know or used to go to school with that you keep thinking about deleting as you never really want to speak to them ever again.. This was a girl from school who I hated at the time and haven't spoken to in 15 years.. this was her status today What do we think Gav's done?!?!

J0 - gav is officially a wanker... he emailed the police telling them he was safe and that i'm his ex!! he didn't have the balls to tell me to my face!!!

John Terry - "Dad of the year"

You can't make this up. Doing a bit of digging on google on John Terry, it doesn't take too much work to find out about a promotions company called Riviera Entertainment who were promoting him to businesses for corporate work and sponsorship for the 2010 world cup:

"Sportsmail revealed yesterday that a PR company appointed by Terry’s agents had contacted businesses touting for commercial endorsements.

Riviera Entertainment offered businesses the chance to boost their profile by being associated with the England captain."

Shouldn't being the England Captain mean that you will try your hardest to win the World Cup and you expect the best from the players around you and will motivate them to be the best they can be?? Or is it so you can tout yourself to earn more money then the £150k a week you earn at Chelski?

Should we expect anymore from a player who was goin gto sign for Arsenal and now says he is "chelsea through and through" apart from when Manchester Shitty come in with super money for you and you have to think about it for a while before turning it down.

Give the captaincy to Rooney. Who will try harder and be more proud to be the Captain? He's also our best player..

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

John Terry and the England Captaincy

Does anyone else think this is all a bit stupid and pointless?

John Terry sleeps with a team mate's mrs so Wayne Bridge will no longer play in the same team as him. I think we should try and get Terry together with Mrs Heskey then if thats how it works...

So it's about MORALS then....

So if Terry gets sacked who will be Captain?!

Here are the contenders:

Ashley Cole - Oh but wait, didn't he have a thing with Jakki Degg and nearly mess things up with Cheryl?!?! Can't be him then.

David Beckham - Well he shagged that Rebecca Loos now didn't he whilst married to Victoria so can't be him.

Frank Lampard - Cheated on wife Elen, mother to his two children (one of his kids is called Luna by the way.. Luna Lampard, you can't make this shit up..) so that means Frank can't be Captain.

Rio Ferdinand - Got wasted (probably) then realised he had a drug test so decided to just not turn up and pretend he wasn't aware of it and get banned for months anyway.

Wayne Rooney - Shagged a granny prostitute

So I think that the captain should be Steven Gerrard... He hasn't cheated on anyone or taken drugs, he just battered some bloke in a pub in Southport...

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

My luck at the moment in MTT

Do alright then something like this happens:

Still in but *sigh*

ok maybe a BIT premature... same player, bit of a loose call maybe x

by the way is there someone from Wymondham who reads this blog???


Well i thought i'd be doing well in the sit and go race after playing loads yesterday but i just checked the leader board and am miles behind and lying 24th!! am going to give up!! I don't feel like playing low limit games where people call with things like this:

So am about 30euros down with the effort so not too bad. I never realised how much of a gap there was between games beofre. I have dropped to 1euro entry for the SNG races and its really hard to win playing the same way as i normally do. Peiople really do call with anything:

So will go back to my normal MTT schedule and the odd 5euro SNG and i really want to play more NL10 cash so will do that now and see how i do.

In normal life, haven't really done much. I might go and see avatar again tomorrow as i thought it was brilliant. I start work on the 15th as well which im really NOT looking forward to.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Fu&k you very much boss...

I'm having one of THESE nights......

and i have 9 more that i've written doen wrong and can't find the HH



Might have been slightly over confident about the SNG race. It's feecking HEAVING on boss today and all low level SNG players going all in every hand on HU SNG just top get the games over quickly to accumulate points. Last time Virgin did this is whas skin based and not network based... am doing alright points wise but am about -30euro so will need to win a bit to make this turkey shoot worthwhile...