Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog Idea

Now i have had my blog for a while and i read other peoples. I have had an idea today and wondered if anyone was interested in it.

I update my blog as often as i can, normally once or twice a week. There are some hardcore bloggers who update their blogs more often however normally people don't so you check for updates and it's the same post you read before. On these blogs, unless it's a mental scary blog like Ed Hollis's (88% concentration) then you get the same type of reports from the same people all the time, how much they have won, bad beats etc.

What my idea is is to get 4 or 5 bloggers who update about as often as i do, and actually have the SAME blog. This way we can create something more interesting with more frequent posts about different games and the different levels the bloggers play at.

Surely this will be more interesting to people???

If anyone is interested in this (you don't have to cancel your own blog if you don't want to, just update every so often on another) please post a message and i'll see what responce i get.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How do you get away????

Well the cash games have been getting me down a bit. I always get caught out in the same way. I build nicely and profit well then get stung for everything...


Dealt AsKs

Flop comes Ac Kh 9d

All the chips go in and he has a set of nines.

This keeps happening, i really can't see how you can get away from it?

Dealt QQ

Flop 4 7 10

you raise someone re raises, what do you do??? I really can't get away from these?

So i think i'm about even for the month now, played a few MTT and got busted, it beggers belief the calls some people make... $5000 gtd rebuy on boss, 223 entries 50 left, dealt KQ flop K Q 9, relatively short stacked (5000) blinds 300 600, 2400 in the pot so it was a large all in move.. Guy calls with 7 7 and hit a 7 on the river.. How can you think you are ahead in that situation?? Is it the limits i play?? $10 rebuy...

Going to take a break, find myself playing to often and it is starting to get me down, i might take up something i may enjoy more and start punching myself repeatadly in the head...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Update 5

Taken some really bad beats and lost the bankroll!!

Am still up about $300 for the month with the money i withdrew. Will take a couple of days break and try again

Monday, July 09, 2007

Update 4

Money removed!! Whats the point of making money if i don't use it?? I'd probably lose it all anyway!!

Tickets bought for The Twang, Ash, Editors and the Stereophonics


REMOVED - $509

Update 3

Well i've not played for the weekend as i was in Portugal. I played this morning and couldn't really get into it. I shouldn't play when i'm like this...

Lost a bit! still up for month..


Update again - Got my head together and started playing again. It's funny how I don't seem to know when i'm in the wrong frame of mind to be playing and when i'm in the right frame... Played some $2-$4 and am up to over what i was on last update but not by much. It's funny though, when i was down to $500 i thought "you've lost $600 (£300) you could have done loads with that and should of taken it out.. Now i am back up to that do i take it out or keep it in??

BANKROLL - $1235

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Update 2

Only played for an hour or so today. Started off on $1-$2 and dropped half a buy in.. i really hate that game!! Moved to $2 - $4 and won a few big hands. Noticably there was a raise and re raise and i has aces so i pushed all in, one fold and a guy called for about $450 and had 10 10.. Decided to quit whilst i was way ahead!!

BANKROLL - $1192

Monday, July 02, 2007

Update 1

Played some $0.50 - $1 on Virgin first and took the $200 down to $55. I don't know what it is with the lower levels, the calls people make are unbelievable. You can't over bet the pot to get people off draws and ace rag seems to be everyone's favourite hand.

Stupidly (even though it worked) i took the last $50 and moved to a $1 - $2 table and stuck in on there and within about half an hour i had built it up to around $350. Am going to quit soon after a relatively succesful first day, almost doubling my initial bankroll




Variance and Bank Roll Challenge

Well i cleared all my bankroll as i needed the money. Playing the Cash games i was playing was fine but the variance was huge... I was up a lot then level and ended up down slightly after i lost a big pot with aces.

So i have left $200 in my Virgin account and i am going to build up gradually and see where i can end up at the end of July.

Will post regulaly and let you know