Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Well i got a phone call last Thursday from my solicitor saying an indictment had been served and i needed to be in court on Tuesday 17th February so yesterday. Yesterday was also my 30th birthday which seemed fitting seeing how my life seems to be going at the moment.

My solicitor is useless. On the phone he told me to bring photocopies of the character references i've got. He asked me yesterday for the originals. You told me to bring photocopies i said.. Why would i do that are you stupid he replied which pissed me off straight away, so it ended up in an argument with me saying "If you asked me to bring originals, why would i not do that? Tell me why i wouldn't? Do you think i think this isn't important??". He then basically said that the social worker and probation office reports the judge will get and the character references will make no difference whatsoever so i have to be back in court on the 17th March for sentencing and that'll be me in prison for a while i expect.

i was booked in the insolvency court on the 25th March for the bankruptsy but i've had to bring that forward to the 24th February so i'll be declared bankrupt next Tuesday and have to sort all my stuff out and get it stored somewhere before being back in court in Edinburgh on the 17th.

On a much much lighter note, and i expect others have noticed this too, but on the Churchill advert on TV at the moment with Rolf Harris in it, has anyone else noticed Rolf's "cum face" in the last few seconds of the ad, when it seems by the look on his face he has just ejaculated all over his digery do??? Please watch the video on youtube below and let me know what you think?!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No poker

well am still here, no poker playe at all due to lack of funds and my computer exploding...

No news from court yet however i did get a letter from thames valley police doing me for "failing to stop after collision, failing to report a collision and driving without due care and attention" which i have no clue what they're talking about.. I also got a summons for non payment of council tax..

When will things start looking up?!?!

At least united are winning.. It makes me laugh, liverpool have been shit for weeks and when suddenly for once they MATCH united's result at the weekend suddenly THEY'RE BACK!! in the title race, how does that work??? We still have to play liverpool at old trafford and apart from the fact liverpool are shit, united should be 5 points clear and cruising. I think after 3 english teams in the champions league semi's last year was positive i think english clubs will stuggle this year, united should beat inter but will be interesting, and chelski arsenal and liverpool arn't playing fantastic football are they??