Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Virgin Poker V Points

It's all daft really....

Virgin Poker offer V points for every raked hand or tournament entry on Virgin Poker. V Points can be transferred for all sorts including Virgin Atlantic flying club miles.

I had earned a few thousand V Points then entered a V point free role and won 5,000. I was then issued 5,000 V points after the delivery of a 32" LCD TV i had won was delayed!! So i had about 16,000 Points. Virgin Poker than offered a promotion that you received double Virgin Atlantic flying club miles if you transferred the V points in December... 32,000 Flying Club miles. I then finished 14th in a huge freerole and won 14,000 V points so i had 51,000 Virgin Atlantic flying club miles.

I then checked the Virgin Website and they are offering a 20% discount to use your miles!!!!!

So for 48,000 Miles i can get free return flights to Tokyo, Shanghai or Delhi and for around 40,000 i can get free return flights to the carribean, anywhere in the US and to many other places!!

Not bad for a free offer!!!

I also have found a website called sharkscope that lets you see the total results on certain sites(pokerstars etc). I have been quite surprised with the results people have. I have always thought that everyone would move up and down limits depending on profit. I play $20 heads up sit and go's which isn't high limits at all but there are also $10, $5 and $3 games. So many people have lost loads of money and still play $20 games.. It makes no sense to me? At least it seems that i do quite well.

My sharkscope stats show:

Games Played - 290
Average Profit - $2
Average Stake - $21
Average ROI - 14%
Total Profit - $610

It's the ROI i like though. I have checked alot of the pro's and my ROI is the highest i have seen (even though the pros make more money, the stakes are higher)

Here are the stats for Greg Raymer

Games Played - 110
Average Profit - $9
Average Stake - $635
Average ROI - 3%
Total Profit - $1035

And Chris Moneymaker

Games Played - 345
Average Profit - $13
Average Stake - $395
Average ROI - 3%
Total Profit - $1035


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Yorkshire Pudding said...

3-6% at the stakes the big pro's are playing is killing the game. 20%+ is considered top notch at the $22's.

200 games is too tiny a smaple size, you need 1000's of games for them to mean anything but still profit is profit and a positive ROI is better than a negative one!