Monday, August 20, 2007

Feeling good and need help with figures!!!

Well i've finally started doing things a bit more correctly. By this i mean i have finally set up a poker tracker system (poker tracker) and have started playing at a site that gives me rakeback and started playing there. It's funny how i seem to play more sensibly when i keep looking at my tracker!!!

So far i have played 1154 hands at $1 - $2 short handed and have won $606.70 with a 13.14 BB/100 hands.

I realise thats not brilliant but it's a profit!! I never realised how much you actually paid in rake.. $223 so far... That to me shows that a $600 profit isn't great. I will receive my rakeback on that though.

I know it is a very very low sample size i have, how many hands do you need to play before you have a good sample size??

What is a good BB/100 Hand rate???


Rosie said...

13/100 is a good win rate.

However, the sample size you offer os not enough to judge currently. Come back after 20,000 - 30,000 hands and you'll have a better idea


Adam said...

yeah you needsa fair few thousand to have any idea.

cakeback is a must, esepesh if your playing cash. I like to take mine when it comes in and withdraw it, then take it to a live game or somewhere.

Rileys has turned preeeeety bad tbh, theres a £50 freezeout on a wednesday i think which is pretty soft, but im not really rolled for that. Played the £15 and that was soft too, came second after being chimped HU! Thats not running any more though, theyve switched it to a £5 tourney which gets about 40+ runners so could be worth a pop before a night out (its on a tuesday)