Saturday, November 10, 2007

I'm shit at poker....

i get dillusions of grandure at poker and win a few quid and suddenly think i'm Phil Ivey and play £7 million billion pound limits and get stuffed... I have no money at the moment so am playing $20 heads up STT on stars and grinding out a $200 a month profit :-)

This time next year rodney...


Check In The Dark said...


Cheers for the comment on my blog. I think thats part of the problem with these poker blogs is that we all rant on about the same bloody thing. You'd think between us we could put our heads together and beat this fkin' game.

All the best and when i get into my blog again i'll add you to my blog roll.


Anonymous said...

If you didnt play on stars you could make a lot more than $200 a month. Try party or pacific. You can make that in 3 hours easy grinding $20 stakes. Just my suggestion as in my experience stars is the hardest to win on. Ive seen you play and in my opinion you should be playing $50 games minimum. Keep up the good work and good luck!


Adam said...

:( i think everybody seems to have had a terrible october/november.

How did you do in the blogger on stars? i came 31st! i loved the deep stacked structure tho.

You say you don't play much at NPC?

Anonymous said...

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