Saturday, December 15, 2007

Shit at poker as always but better at life

Well a week makes a bit of a difference.. I had a great talk with my best mate and it really helped me to talk to someone. I haven't played poker in a while and to be honest i don't think i will to the new year. I think i've hit a plateau with the games i'm playing and will not get better. I need to evaluate my game as i play the heads up games in autopilot now which is bad.

I will go over my goals for 2007 that i posted in January so we can all have a laugh!! My life has turned upside down since then so it'll be funny to see what i was projecting to win!!


Anonymous said...

United113 I know there is more important things in life than poker but Ive watched you quite a bit and you're not a bad player. You could be destroying the $100+ games on many other sites. avoid pokerstars for a while, it is by far the toughest site to win on. If I was you id try either partypoker or pacific poker.

best of luck

Peter said...

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Anonymous said...


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Amatay said...

updates fishay :-)

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