Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Given Up

I'm going to stop playing poker

It's supposed to be enjoyable but i end up feeling so angry and pissed off when you get fucked out of a tournament it's not fun anymore...

AK called an all in against 88

AK 7 flop and 8 on river and every tournament i enter i get knocked out with the best hand.

Am not going to play, not sure when i'll update again


L4Y SP said...

I know how you feel . I deleted my blog 3 times last year . take your time . see u soon . L4

Steve H. said...

For what it's worth mate your not the only one going through this shit at the moment. Everyone I know is struggling with on-line and live poker and also in their personal lives and situations. You've got a lot of shit going on at the moment and I feel for you but you got to keep your chin up. look for that light at the end of the tunnel and keep in there. I am running so shit - cold at the moment that it's quite despairing, 10 handed last night(live) and it folds round to the button who limps, I limp with AK suited and the BB raises to 1500 blinds 100/200 button folds, I re-raise to 4500, BB calls, K 7 3 rainbow, I bet 3000 and the BB put me all in, I call and he flips AA, He wins I lose, he says "unlucky" i said, "I aint unlucky, I shouldn't have been in the hand - you told me you had a big hand pre-flop and again on the flop"

Can I suggest you have a read of this article from 2004 By Simon "aces" Trumper - slightly different circumstances to your but may give you some insiration.

Good luck mate.

Steve H. said...


poker outings for a confused mind said...

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Easy now, relax and take a little break from poker.

And then come back and punish them ;)


John Long said...

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nemesis147 said...

i know exactly what your going through.
i cant understand why fulltilt poker have got the poker academy up and running, i mean, come on, what is the point in wasting all that time in learning the game on how to play it "the right way" when your going to et outdrawn by a moron hitting his 1 outer.

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