Monday, November 23, 2009

8 + ? = 8

Well job hunting is RIDICULOUS. I applied for a job with aviva (norwich union) and don't know wht i bothered. At the end it said it will do a credit check (will be very bad for me!) they will do a criminal record check (bad again) and they will check what you've been doing for the last 2 years (also bad). I then looked to get car insurance with aviva and they won't accept anyone with a criminal record for car insurance so i doubt they'll employ people with one. I had a meeting today with an agency that was supposed to help me find work. Instead they made me do a maths and english test and it was A JOKE. Questions like, what is the missing number. 8 + ? = 8 and what is half of 16? The english was just as bad, things like what word is spelt wrong? " I like this very mutch" It was a joke...

Am doing ok at poker. Have now turned the 13 euro i had into 515. I've been keeping more accurate records at Heads Up STT 10 Euro and am winning quite consistantly. I'm really going to give it a go at making proper money. I need to decide when to move up limits and also what MTT to play. There's no point winning 20 euro one day on STT and losing the same on tourney entries.

If i can (which i doubt) build my bankroll to 3-4k and consitantly win enough to get by then when my tag gets taken off in march i might just fuck off overseas and try and travel and win enough to take me on and on and on. That's the dream anyway. 500 Euro will probably be enough to get me to spain for a week so at least i have something to work from!!

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ROSSI said...

if you've no job and unlikely to get one you might as well spend all yr time trying to build a bankroll.

Get it upto a few £K and you could possibly grind a living. Worth a try anyway.