Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Low limit PLO

The micro limit NLHE games on stars are stupid. You raise with a premium hand and get 4 callers and have no idea where you are for the rest of the hand as you know you're getting called with any two cards. Even if you raise all in you still get sucked out with people calling with anything. Playing PLO is different however. People play PLO as if they're playing NLHE at the micro limits. They'll get dealt AKxx and think that's a premium hand. Also because you hit the nuts far more often in PLO and people play top pair and 2 pair strongly (as they are playing like NLHE and think these are strong hands) then you can make good progress. I see a lot of flops cheap and love playing hands like 9d 10c jd qc to smash people's AAxx. I'm playing 0.01/0.02 and have made about $10 in 2 days..

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