Sunday, December 19, 2010

I need a girlfriend


I really need a girlfriend. It was our work Christmas Party on Tuesday (Which made the BBC national news in a completely unrelated story - That's me in the leather jacket walking in at the start) and I spoke to loads of girls from work but didn't really pick any specific girl so was just walking round to talking to everyone all night. Then at the end of the night am still on my own as I haven't really made a decision on which girl i like the most.... The party was a laugh though and it went well thankfully as i'd organised it. I'd booked a hotel in Norwich as it would be easier to get to work the next day, i got back to the hotel at 0300 and the facking front door to the hotel was locked. I was banging on the door and calling the hotel and ended up getting let in at 4 which was a pisser as i had to be in work at 0830 the next morning...

It's weird, I really don't like being at home at the moment. Normally people want to get to the weekend and don't like working. I'm the opposite, I like being at work and dread the weekends. All i do is sit and play poker and get really bored....

There is a secondment into a management position coming up at work which i think i'll apply for. It's about an extra £3k a year which will come in really really handy and it'll be good moving into management. The only problem is there will probably be around 70 people applying for it so i'll just have to see how it goes.

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