Saturday, May 07, 2011

Weather , Fuel Costs and Kitesurfing

I can't believe the weather at the moment. I heard today that it hasn't rained where I live in Norfolk for 6 weeks now. Not that i'm complaining it's been so nice. I have been driving to the beach alot to watch one of the guys from work who Kitesurfs. In the next few weeks I'm going to start taking lessons as it looks amazing.

Driving around a bit has really hit me how much fuel is at the moment. I have put £125 worth of Diesel in my car in th elast week. It's now £6.50 a gallon which is over $10. It's absolutely ridiculous. My standard of living would be so much higher if fuel prices were even where they were a year ago. £1.45 a litre is stupid, especially when you realise how much Duty/VAT the government take for that. How much was petrol when they fuel protests happened a few years ago? Nowhere near what they are now and yet people just seem to take it....


BurnleyMik said...

Don't know about your way mate, but up here there have been some huge fuel protests, including now blocking Stanlow fuel depo. Amazing how little publicity it has gotten,m, but rumours are pumps in the north west could start to run dry from Tuesday and that should get people starting to take notice.


I totally agree, it's a fucking disgrace ATM, especially as Oil prices fell 10% on Friday and still we see no reductions at the pump.

Meteoric Poker said...

I'd love to kite surf. Tried really hard to get a job over by Bristol or Cardiff so I could add it to my list of expensive crap I've bought and barely used.

This made me think a little first though;

United113 said...

Thanks for the link Meteoric.

Mik - It is ridiculous. So expensive, I'm not sure how the haulage companies stay in business