Friday, March 16, 2007

Poker Profit....

I've been playing poker for a couple of years now. Even from the start i have been a bit of a cautious player. Not in the games themselves but more in the stakes i play.

I started playing STT which i still play, At first it was $3 games then $5 then $10 and now i play $20 games (I did have a pop at $50 games and got a pasting so moved back down!!). Since finding the sharkscope website it has amazed me the amount people LOSE playing poker? When i moved up limits i lost about a third of my bankroll and immediately dropped levels. It amazes me the people that play limits and lose and keep playing higher limits. Now i fully understand that for me to WIN i need these players playing and if everyone won then nobody would ever win if that makes sense...

Looking at the players i have played today at heads up $20 STT here are the stats:

Games played Total Profit

169 $349
92 -$263
37 -$45
5234 -$28,871 (i mean come on....)
94 - $209
275 - $5,320
755 - $2,013
42 $188
796 -$1,987

I always argue with people about poker saying it is different to other forms of gambling sue to the skill levels involved and that you can't really lose if you manage your bankroll accurately..

This does actually make me feel good about my Poker, i profit, not huge amounts but i know exactly how much and know to adjust if things go wrong.


littleacornman said...

Hehe.You'd think after losing $28k he'd realise that perhaps poker just aint his game!

United113 said...

I know take up golf or something...

Cell 1919 said...

It astonishes me how many people are not only losing but are defined as fish on Sharky.

Mind you I do play at microlimits. I'm sure a list of thos eplaying bit stakes S&Gs might look a bit different.

Some of those figures exemplify exactly why my wife had such reservations about me depositing in the first place. If I've achieved one thing it's to demonstrate to her that my bankroll management is sound.

No mean achievement I can assure you ;)