Monday, March 26, 2007


We went to the new Wembley Stadium on saturday to watch the england under 21's play Italy under 21's. I was disappointed by it to be honest... Now not to be bigheaded, i go to Old Trafford every other week and even though they cram you in like sardines, it is a nice stadium with good concession stands, TV's all over the place etc etc. We walked into Wembley and, even though the concourse was big, there wasn't anything there really. I was expecting state of the art surroundings with escalators etc and there was none of that, or just not where i was. The concession stands where staffed by idiots (as in every stadium) We went down for a pint at half time (well 42 minutes into the 1st half), were 3rd in the queue and got served as the teams were coming back out, and missed 3 goals.... From the outside the stadium looks nice, pretty boring neutral coulours, and you do have a lot of space in your seat.. Could i see where 750 Million went?? No... They will soon get that all back though, especially charging £5.60 for a hot dog...

On to Poker!!

Well i've decided to stop playing today, am only $50 down but seem to having one of those days where you get outdrawn every hand. AK v AQ etc etc...

I am having quite a good month, am now $415 up in March. In a previous post i spoke about when it all became real money.. I have now started using the profits i win to buy stuff i like rather than have it sitting in my poker account!!

I pulled out £200 the other week to buy a TV stand for the 32" LCD i won on Virgin, me and my mum have decided to go to Moscow in October to watch the Russia v England Euro2008 qualifier (might change my mind after saturday) and have paid for the £150 return flight (bargain!) with Poker winnings. I am also going to use my free flight with Virgin Poker to go to Shanghai in August, i only need to pay the taxes which is about £125 which i will pay for from my winnings..

So poker is good for me at the moment, flights paid to Moscow and Shanghai by the fish on Pokerstars, and free trip to the WSOP in June with Virgin!!

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