Saturday, April 21, 2007


Well i'm off on holiday today, i fly to Cape Town in about 6 hours and arrive early tommorrow morning.

I am spending a few days in Cape Town then going up to Knysna to stay with friends!

I've been looking at what to do and there are a few things i have booked/will book.

1. Great White Shark cage diving (might have to think about this one as my macho image just went out the window with a girlie scream and random flapping when a wasp flew in through my window...
2. Robben Island
3. Table Mountain
4. Sky dive at Plattenburg bay
5. Visit game parks
6. Visit vineyards

I'm taking my laptop so i will try and play some poker while i am away. I have had email conversations recently with the new poker room manager at Virgin. I was asked why i haven't been playing regulaly there and i explained that i didnt like the structure of their heads up games as the starting blinds were high and the levels too short. Even though i play low limits they have been really helpful in arranging this so i might give that a pop while i am away and see how i get on

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