Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I'm not sure what to do...

I keep thinking that i need to play at a site that offers me a good rakeback deal.. however...

At the moment i am only playing $20 + $1 heads up sit and go's on Pokerstars. I really like this game on Pokerstars and do much better than playing the same stakes on boss, mainly due to the structure i think..

Now Pokerstars don't offer rakeback bu i can get for example 33% on other sites. I play on average 120 games or so a month so that works out at $40 or so that i could get in rakeback. I make around $300 - $400 a month playing on Pokerstars at $20 heads up sit and go's.

Is it worth changing Poker sites and risk not winning as much just to get the 33% rakeback of $40????


Wombol said...

id say give it ago. if you pick a site that gives you a good rake back and a sign up bonus then you can test it virtually risk free.

cant hurt


pro_kid said...


I also play heads up for approx 4 hours a night and have tried almost all the sites. For about 8 months i was averaging about $5k from boss media (virgin etc) but no longer find this site as profitable as it was once. Mainly due to the recent lack of players. My recomendation is to try partypoker. Although you get no rakeback and in fact rake is 10% rather than 5% it is unbelievably easy. Ive seen you play and you could win the $77 (max stakes) easy. Give it a go, its only a suggestion.

I started on the $20 sit and goes to and have tried every site out there. Rakeback made a big difference on boss media because my ROI wasn't that big but on other sites, ie partypoker its much higher.

Let us know how it goes and keep up the blog- interesting reading.

pro_kid said...

sorry, the $5k was $5k a month, although I wish it was a night!

United113 said...

I'll try party poker, i have found boss going downhill as well. At first i didn't like the 10 minute blind structure in the pokerstars heads up sit and goes but now can't seem to play the shorter limits with initial larger starting blinds on boss.

I'll try party and let you know!

Thanks for the advice

Pokeking69 said...

hey there, can't see a mention on ur page but i think the score was what???????
thats right 7-1!!!!!!!!!
the whole team was superb, except richardson, pleased for smith to get a goal after his yr!

on poker, suppose no harm trying other site to get rakeback


Yorkshire Pudding said...

If you play enough at Stars to hit the higher VIP levels you can earn the equivilent of rakeback.

Check out the Main's Domain link on my blog, he's clearing bonuses left right and centre from being a high VIP and it works out around 55% rakeback for him!

criean said...

It's okay to earn that much a month.300-400 $ a month is quiet good savings enough.About your problem on Pokerstars don't be too alarmed,it's just one of the hundred sites of poker games with rakebacks.Try some other more.There are still lots of Poker games site that I'm pretty sure you'll like more.


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