Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Update - WSOP still not getting anywhere...

Well i haven't been playing an awful lot in the last couple of weeks. What i have been doing when i have been playing is either playing 5 handed $20 STT for an hour on Virgin and see how much i am up or down in that time frame. I have been up every session but should have really won more. When i get down to 3 left (2 paid) i find myself being too aggressive, should i get into the money first and then try to win or is it right trying to win all the way through even if it means going out on the bubble???

I have also been playing $20 heads up games on Full tilt and Pokerstars and been doing ok.

I still haven't had confirmation from Virgin about the WSOP side event. This has been going on for a while now and the tournament is approaching rapidly...


Littleacornman said...

Tough question re playing for 1st and one I keep changing my mind on!

I've been reading some links from Mark at Planet Gongs blog.I'm not sure if you use ICM but it seems to say that it's ev+ to play to make the money first.ie better to make 20% profit than lose 100% of your buy-in.

I'm not sure there actually is a right or wrong answer.


Hutchy said...

Alright mate, yea that is a tough question. I personally change from table to table. I mean its totally situational, like most poker questions/answers are.

How many start in these if two get paid? on pacific they have 6 handed stts with 3 paid, you have to be donk not to profit them!