Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I give up...

For fucks sake.. honestly

I give up at the moment, i really do...

Why is it that every big pot i play i just get completely sucked out, it's unbelivable

Was about level for the day playing $50 Heads up sit and go's and $110 heads up turbo sit and go's and decided to play some $1 - $2 cash on poker stars. Was playing about $215 when i get dealt Ks Jh in the big blind. 1 player minimum raises so i call and 2 see the flop which comes Kd 4h jd. I bet guy re raises and i push all in, turn 7d river 10 d. He shows king jack with the fucking king of diamonds so i lose wto the flush ith the same fucking hand.. Minus $200.

Honestly why does this happen everytime i play higher limits or for the big pots???

It's really starting to fuck me off

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