Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How do you get away????

Well the cash games have been getting me down a bit. I always get caught out in the same way. I build nicely and profit well then get stung for everything...


Dealt AsKs

Flop comes Ac Kh 9d

All the chips go in and he has a set of nines.

This keeps happening, i really can't see how you can get away from it?

Dealt QQ

Flop 4 7 10

you raise someone re raises, what do you do??? I really can't get away from these?

So i think i'm about even for the month now, played a few MTT and got busted, it beggers belief the calls some people make... $5000 gtd rebuy on boss, 223 entries 50 left, dealt KQ flop K Q 9, relatively short stacked (5000) blinds 300 600, 2400 in the pot so it was a large all in move.. Guy calls with 7 7 and hit a 7 on the river.. How can you think you are ahead in that situation?? Is it the limits i play?? $10 rebuy...

Going to take a break, find myself playing to often and it is starting to get me down, i might take up something i may enjoy more and start punching myself repeatadly in the head...


Kirby the German Roofer said...

Hi, im amatays cousin, any chance we could do a link swap.


Adam said...

hey- just read your blog and describes my situ atm.

you're from norwich also- if your interested in live games let me know as there are a couple i know of for varying stakes.