Monday, July 30, 2007

Blog Idea

Now i have had my blog for a while and i read other peoples. I have had an idea today and wondered if anyone was interested in it.

I update my blog as often as i can, normally once or twice a week. There are some hardcore bloggers who update their blogs more often however normally people don't so you check for updates and it's the same post you read before. On these blogs, unless it's a mental scary blog like Ed Hollis's (88% concentration) then you get the same type of reports from the same people all the time, how much they have won, bad beats etc.

What my idea is is to get 4 or 5 bloggers who update about as often as i do, and actually have the SAME blog. This way we can create something more interesting with more frequent posts about different games and the different levels the bloggers play at.

Surely this will be more interesting to people???

If anyone is interested in this (you don't have to cancel your own blog if you don't want to, just update every so often on another) please post a message and i'll see what responce i get.

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