Tuesday, February 03, 2009

No poker

well am still here, no poker playe at all due to lack of funds and my computer exploding...

No news from court yet however i did get a letter from thames valley police doing me for "failing to stop after collision, failing to report a collision and driving without due care and attention" which i have no clue what they're talking about.. I also got a summons for non payment of council tax..

When will things start looking up?!?!

At least united are winning.. It makes me laugh, liverpool have been shit for weeks and when suddenly for once they MATCH united's result at the weekend suddenly THEY'RE BACK!! in the title race, how does that work??? We still have to play liverpool at old trafford and apart from the fact liverpool are shit, united should be 5 points clear and cruising. I think after 3 english teams in the champions league semi's last year was positive i think english clubs will stuggle this year, united should beat inter but will be interesting, and chelski arsenal and liverpool arn't playing fantastic football are they??


Joppa Road said...

Hows are things going?


Steve H. said...

good to see you back

cashbiatch said...

Hey how r u? the letter from the police is a mad one but hopefully they have your case mixed up with someone elses and you may just get a fine for traffic offences lol :)

Mr Origami said...

How unusual...a Man U supporter so far away from Manchester? ;)
Watch those council gits mate with the ol' council tax nonsense!

Joppa Road said...

Hi mate. Whats going on with court etc? Glad to hear you are staying away from the poker. Nice one.

You will be in a good mood no doubt with Everton beating Liverpool.