Sunday, July 04, 2010

Radical Idea

England at the World Cup were a joke. The players are supposed to be the best in the world but were useless together as a team.

When i train with young 16-17 year olds for my local team. The best players always want to play together. I always get the not so good players together and tell them it's ok we will play together and just say "you pick any 11 and i'll have the rest". What then happens is I organise my team with 4 defenders, 4 midfielders, 2 strikers and a keeper and am always shouting telling my team where to stand and who to mark. the other team don't do that and play with 11 attackers. Who do you think wins? The team with the best players or the team that's organised? The team that's organised every time.

This World cup has shown with Holland, Germany, Uruguay and many others that if you have a good TEAM then that can win over talented players who don't want to play with each other. My Idea for England is as follows...

Qualification as usual..

Then a year before the world cup, go round the clubs and pick your world cup squad from the best youth players that currently don't play in the first team squad. Pay their wages and get them all together playing together. They will then have time to develop as a team and learn to play with each other. The clubs benefit in the same way as if the players were out on loan. You wouldn't need to pay a manager £5million a year! Then put those players into the tournament and see how they do. An organised talented side that have played together for a year, how do you think they would do? And do you think we'd have done better if we'd done that this time??!? Definately

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