Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bored bored BORED

So bored with life right now.

I've just come back from a holiday in Cap Salou where my sister works. Had a good laugh out there and saw a load of old friends and it bought back some memories of when i used to work out there.

Now i'm back at work speaking to wankers all day selling insurance.

I really need to do something exciting with my life. Something daft maybe. I have been googling things like "security guard jobs Iraq" and "Navy mine clearance diver" to see what comes up but struggle with experience and criminal record. I don't like what the army stands for, but it might be an exciting thing to do to join. I think that's really what I need in Life, it's not money it's excitement and the sense of adventure. That's whats really killing me at the moment. Life is just mundane... Wake up, go to work, speak to wankers all day, come home, eat dinner, go to bed... and repeat daily. i haven't got money to travel and don't want my life to be saving for 6 months for a fortnight of excitement on holiday.

Any ideas on daft jobs that are exciting would be appreciated


Meteoric Poker said...

what about VSO? No money, no poker, but it'd be different.

I sometimes wish I'd joined the army when I was younger - at the time I'd have thought that was crazy and just an easy way of getting beat up daily, but looking back over my lifetime of sitting at a desk I now reckon it would have been brilliant.

Meteoric Poker said...

Also one of my mates from college after graduating went to spain with no plans, nothing lined up etc, and just tried to get a bar job.

When he failed (because he couldn't speak spanish) he had no money so just slept on the beach. After a few weeks he'd learnt enough spanish to finally get a crappy bar job. That went on for a year after which he decided to go halves on a speedboat with another guy, and so at night he did the bar and during the day he taught waterskiing.

Eventually he got bored, came back to UK and got a massively paid job as some kind of business analyst.

I guess these things only happen if you randomly set off on a path. I know someone else who randomly applied for a job in the maldives because she thought maldives would be amazing (not because she was looking for a job). And she got offered it (and then turned it down because she didn't really want to move - duh).

Littleacornman said...

Most of life is mundane and boring I agree and living for the weekends/holidays just doesn't seem enough.No job suggestions but your post struck a cord so I thought I'd comment anyway!

BurnleyMik said...

It's not as bad when you get a family mate, but I can imagine as a single bloke plodding along with that kind of shit would drive me mad.

Good Luck whatever you choose fella.