Friday, January 07, 2011

Full Tilt 18 Manners

Well been doing OK at poker. I've not been playing much, maybe 6 or 10 eighteen man SNG on Full Tilt. I started with about $5 and have withdrawn around £100 and Now have $33 after a good run of 3 wins out of 6 games tonight.

I think i'm running around 24% ROI (mainly from HUSNG) but only from a small number of games.

I really think i'll do well playing these the 27 and 45 manners but i really need to multi table better. Am on a small laptop and can only cope with 6 or 6 tables at the moment.

Didn't get the promotion at wotk but came close so i believe. I got a lot of good feedback and have been given more responsibilities.... on the same shit wages..

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