Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Attitude needs work

Played a load of games tonight ($1 - 18 mans on Tilt). the issue i have is that i've always bust in a load of games before i get my first cash. I must have played 16 games tonight at $1.20. I assumed i was running badly until i just checked my account and i've profited by about $8 which is actually a really good ROI

My ROI is currently at 30%. In the next few days i think i'll start throwing in a few $2 games in as well. My poker goals are actually quite small. When i move out and get a proper set up (base unit and a couple of monitors) I plan to try and get up to playing around $4 games. If i can play 50 a night and make 20% ROI then i'd be able to make $40 so £25 a night plus rakeback of $5.40 a night so £3 ish. £28 a night 5 days a week is an extra £500 a month.

the problem is i know what people are like predicting greatness at poker and world domination and it's normally pipe dreams and bollox. All i'm doing at the moment is trying to work on the game and get a few thousand in to try and get an accurate idea of my true ROI and gradually increasing the number of simultaneous games i can play (currently 12 on a laptop screen)

I'm also going to keep my role in. I started with $3 and keep withdrawing so never move up limits. Am going to keep it in there and try and build.

Oh and don't play rush...... grrrrrrrr

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