Monday, November 08, 2010


There are some cunts playing low limit rush.

Complete cunts

Well I hit the doomswitch with my last post. Was doing ok until I played a HUSNG yesterday and everytime the slovakian cunt i was playing hit or got lucky was just laughing in the chat box so i ended up getting pissed off and ripped into him for being a slovakian peasant retard. He called the MOD in the end and i got warned and have been doomswitched ever since.... coincidence?!?!? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Dropped about 8 buys in. AA cracked AIPF twice. KK v AA twice. My favourite was when i 3bet pre with AQ got called by villian and initial raiser folded. Flop 5 8 Q rainbow all goes in and he flips Q5 off.. What a useless cunt. When the doomswitch hits though it's really harsh... Never hit flops, overcards when you've raise high pairs, villians flush draws always seem to get there and yours seem to miss.

Q5 though.... What a prick.

Bankroll - $52.41


Greedyrosie said...

God, when they call the mods. You just think, what, you want your momma?

I think that when someone plays like an ignorant cunt, that they run the risk of being called on it. But then, I have a lifetime chatban from FT so draw your own conclusions :0)

Yorkshire Pud said...

LMAO at calling him Slovakian peasant! If it had been me I'd have just laughed at you and pissed you off even more!

Ride out the rough mate, downswings suck cock but aren't forever