Saturday, November 06, 2010

Rush Going Well

I had $5 in Full Tilt so I've been playing Rush trying to boost it up as I won't add any more money to any site. I've been playing $0.02/$0.05 - 6 Max Rush and been doing well following a disciplined approach. I play pocket pairs all the time. Low pairs I try and see a cheap flop with as many people as possible so if you hit a set you get paid often, however you can let it go if you miss. I've also not been speculating and cleared a few leaks in my game such as not playing back against the SB if raised etc etc. I've been trying to do basic things more and am playing very very few hands from the blinds an opened up my raising range from the button. I've also started 3 bet folding more. At low limits i've found when you get 4 bet it's against QQ + so have been folding more pre flop.

Will keep an update of Bankroll

Started with $5

Current (Including recent $8 RB payment) - $94.08

1 comment:

Daly said...

wow nice spin-up mate, stick at it then move up only when you have 50 buyins at least