Monday, February 28, 2011


Do arsenal fans really care they didn't win yesterday?

errrr probably not

I don't understand some Arsenal fans point of view however. A few have said (after i laughed at their keeper and defence) that the same back 5 beat Barcelona. That's really not a good argument. Barcelona were poor and will still probably turn Arsenal over at the Nou Camp. It beggers belief that Wenger did not buy a goalkeeper in the summer or adequate back up for vermaelen.

In the same vain I think United could beat any team in the World away in any one game. However we won't do it enough times to win the champions league and we'll be lucky to win the league. We've done well to have home FA cup ties as well...

I don't mind Arsenal. Wilshere is a good player. I really don't think Arsenal will be that annoyed that they lost yesterday, however i can't see them winning anything else this year. Next year i'd be worried if they buy a decent keeper and a couple of centre halfs

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