Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Move forward or go back??

I've a dilema at the moment...

I used to work for a manufacturer of sign printing equipment and earn OK money. I then had a bit of serious life tilt and had to leave. Am now working for a massive insurance company on about half the money I used to earn however i'm well thought of and hope to progress through the ranks.

I have no the potential to go back and do the same thing as I used to do. The money should be much better than i'm on (but not the same as I used to be on which is understandable after life tilt) with a company car, iphone, laptop etc. The issue is that it'll be me and one other bloke working for this company so there will be no potential career development. The POTENTIAL earnings where I currently work are higher down the line, however maybe 20 people in the centre earn that amount out of 700 so is it somewhere I can earn that amount??

Am really unsure what to do... Do i just go to the money? Neither are jobs that anyone strives to do when they're younger so surely th emoney is important? Or job security.... Am undecided...

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