Friday, February 18, 2011

Back on Boss and Rome

I'd taken all my money out of accounts and stopped playing then Virgin Poker sent me a free £5 promo through the post. Played a bit and built it up to a tenner and then played a V point free roll. It's actually a pretty good free roll! They give awa 25,000 V points and you can transfer 1 v point for 1p so the tourney has basically a £250 prize pool. It only had 118 runners and i finished 4th for £25. Should have done better apart from losing to runner runner for the straight AQ all in v K10 and then lost 99 to A7.

I then played one 30 manner last night which i binked so i'm sitting there with nearly £50 at them moment. Am only going to play MTT and MTTSNG and see how i do.

Am off to Rome and Venice for a week tomorrow which should be a laugh. Will catch Lazio v Bari at the olympic stadium in rome on sunday which should be good

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