Saturday, February 12, 2011


Is this right or wrong play?

This is why i struggle at 345234532452352 entry tournies

Same tournament


Daly said...

you know you made the right plays, you just got sucked out on - it happens all the time even at higher stakes

United113 said...

yeah it just shows how difficult it is to win tournies with 5000+ entrants. you need to win situation like this so many times!!!

Joppa Road said...

On the 1010 hand if you are going to ship to his raise of $175 on the flop why don't you just ship when it's you to act first?

Why not ship first and give him something to think about and take it down there IMO.

Not saying he would of def folded but at least you are giving him more to think about. Only thing I would have done different anyway.

United113 said...

Very good point. Looking back that check is poor. If he checks back and an overcard comes am in a bad situation

microstakes bankroll builder said...

all are standard coolers. you prob need to be playing several of these at same time to get over the variance from the superdonks.

joppa is right about the tens. but crai was fine too.

jj prob should have been a bit bigger against stations.

dont worry about these hands, worry about the marginal ones