Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Inperfect Poker

Normally when i play I have been trying to play "perfect ABC poker". By this i mean always being aware or what my stats must be like and to always come into pots raising and 3 betting more. What I have realised at NL10 Rush is that the majority of the big pots i'm winning are through hitting sets so I have been calling more with small to medium pairs unless raised high to set mine. I've really cut my 3 betting range as people's calling range is massive and so it's hard to know how to play if you miss the flop. I've really really really really cut my 3 bet calling range to very high premium hands as, through experience, have found that people at NL10's 3 bet range is only premium hands. I have been doing well at Rush after initially not liking the format. The key is to not try and moves and just wait to hit the cards. I know that doesn't sound right but the amount you win when you hit outweighs the losses which is the name of the game. The whole point is that i'm now winning and doing what i think is right to win at this level.

From the $6 rakeback i had i now have $61 in my tilt account and have also shipped $20 across to amatay for a go on the World Cup sweepstake.

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Dream of Vegas said...

Totally agree with your mindset at those stakes, 3 betting as recommended by higher stakes players at these stakes is just spewy I find, as people don't lay there hands and you wind up paying off alot more than you win if they hit. ABC fit fold pokers ftw @ $10NL espesh Rush.

The problem I have found as I was discussing with Snake and Mik at the weekend following there insight into my stats, I've now stepped up a level or 2 and I need to find my three bet button more. As fit fold poker isn't profitable, you have to make things happen.