Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lost Finale

Did anyone watch this? If not beware there may be spoilers.

Up until 10 minutes from the end i thought it was going to be good. I really liked the way it was going in the alternate reality... and then it just went stupid.

During the entire 6 seasons, Kate has always followed jack when there is something important to be done and has always liked Jack. So as soon as Jack says he needs to "save the island" and kisses her and tells her he loves her, she fucks off knowing she wouldn't see him again and leaves him with ben and hurley to save the world.

Also I liked the way they got all the originals together at the end, I just have no idea what actually happened?? Soooo many questions?? What was the black smoke? Why didn't man in Locke just kill them all ages ago? What was the score with the numbers and why did hurley hear those number all the time and they were on the hatch and had to type into the computer with desmond? Why didn't desmond put the pin back in to start the light and save Jack? Why did the plane fly back over the island when there was supposed to be a certain route they had to take to get away from the Island?? Since when can an aeroplane reverse???

hmmmmmmmm any ideas????

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Amatay said...

never watched it m8. pile of old jizz i reckon