Monday, May 31, 2010

World Cup Fever

I've not really had anything to post about recently. Works is still bad. I might apply for a managers position just for the money but i know i won't get it as i've only been there are few months. The longer I stay there the more i want to just go and work on a boat in mexico like my sister did and forget about doing the same mundane things here. I've always wanted a bit of excitement in my life so selling insurance and doing the same things over and over again are really boring me.

I've not played any poker at all except for the syndicate games i'm in on raise the river. I need to verify my neteller account and as i don't have a bank account at the moment, am in the process of renewing my passport and have no utility bills in my own name, i'm struggling to get it verified. That means i have no money currently in any poker rooms so need to get this sorted out ASAP so I can play the final few games in the tournament syndicate.

I am getting excited about the world cup though. I always try and get to the finals of a tournament but can't this year so will try and catch as much of it on the TV as possible. I fancy Brazil myself but can see England doing well. I know we always think this but this year is slightly different. In 1990 we had difficult games in Holland, Republic of Ireland and Cameroon before Germany, In 1998 we had a difficult game early in Argentina after having to play good Romanian and Columbian sides in the group. In 2002 we had a group that contained Sweden, Argentina and Nigeria then had to play Denmark before being beaten by Brazil. It was slightly easier in 2006 when we had Sweden and Paraguay and then Ecuador before Portugal however our run in this should be much easier. The group stage should be a breeze and with the likely match up against Serbia or Australia in the 2nd round should get us into the Quarter Finals easily. All it takes is for us to do well in ONE game and suddenley we're in sight of the final again....


BurnleyMik said...

My only worry mate is that for some reason England always play badly against the bad teams, which could be a curse!

Fingers crossed we can crush too, it would be awesome.

GradyGord said...

Nae chance England will do well... I'm going for Spain this year. Whatever happens they are awesome to watch!