Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Shteevve McClaren

As an england fan i remember this:

And remember being all prepared to go to the Euros after watching England in the qualifiers. I was happy when he got sacked as he was useless and laughed my ASS off when I heard the interview after he first joined FC Twente when he spoke English with a Dutch accent:

So I suppose he has done well winning the Dutch league but he's now decided to jump ship and join Wolfsburg. Reading the BBC sport website I love this comment about the reason he left as it makes NO SENSE!! Explain this one to me someone PLEASE. Why didn't he just say "I went for the money?"

"I have had two fantastic years at FC Twente, but made a promise to my wife and children [who remained in England] that I would not spend more than two years living away from them," McClaren told Dutch newspaper TC Tubantia.

"Now we will all live together in Germany."



Amatay said...

Glad he aint joing the mightay hammers even thou he has done great last 2 yrs

donald said...

he 'claims' he wanted to spend time with his kids and family. why are they so keen to live in germany and not holland then??? sounds rather dubious excuse which the krauts won't buy.