Thursday, June 03, 2010

Foreigners in London

I went to London today with my mum and had a good day. A few things wound me that to be honest normally wind me up in London. I went into a post office near the British Museum as I needed to apply for a new passport as mine went through the wash. I was using the Post Office's check and send service and the guy serving me was Indian. Suddenly i'm being grilled about applying for a new passport and interviewed by someone who's blatantly not British, I thought it was quite funny.

Later on we were in Starbucks in the Trocadero and a Russian girl served us. "Latte half strength" Was the order... "Half what?" "Half strength" "What you mean half strength?" "Half the strength as you normally make it"...."you mean half strong?".. And i get really indignant that the person serving me can't speak english. The worse was to come, my mum went to the toilet (which costs a fucking pound by the way) and she didn't have a pound coin only two 50p's so she went up to the attendent and asked if she had a pound and the women just stared at her... She got the two 50p's and asked her again for change and this women didn't have a fucking clue what my mum was saying. How can you get a job with no grasp on english at all?? Is it because they get paid 40p and hour??? I suppose if your getting paid 40p an hour, free toilet breaks is a fucking BRILLIANT perk at £1 a go.

The thing that struck me the most today happened everywhere and is what is normal everywhere you go now. People taking photo after photo of exhibits in the British Museum. People not reading what they were looking at, just walking round taking photos with nobody in them just the artifacts. I didn't take a camera, i like to experience things and see the exhibits myself and read what they are and enjoy it for ME. Not taking random photos saying "this was a rock but i don't know what it was". Now don't get me wrong I like photographs. But people nowadays don't actually enjoy the experience they are having as they are too busy taking photos of it!! I don't have any photos of the best experiences of my life... I have no photos of the Champions league, FA Cup and League Cup finals, I have no photo's of the stunning Louise from Leeds I met one night a few years back. I remember them in my head and didn't feel the need to take a million photos so I would remember it. Weddings are the same now, rather than a photographer taking photos of the couple being happy, the couple's entire day is now pretending to be happy for the photographer.


ROSSI said...

whats yellow and lives behind a camera??........a jap tourist! lol

totally agree with you mate, but if you say anything these days u are racist or un PC......bollocks!!

Mr Origami said...

Facebook has taken over the world mate, thats why...probably millions of facebook profiles littered with such photos!