Sunday, June 20, 2010

Green Day and England

Am so tired.....

Went to watch the England game at the pub Friday and was depressed when it finished. All Robert green'd fault in my opinion but am not going to talk about that shit. After the football finished a few of my mates said "shall we go out for a couple in Norwich?" Why not.... Well I ended up getting back to my mates where i was staying at about 5.30. I had to get up about 10 to go to London to see Green Day at Wembley Stadium. I got up alright, we were banging on my other mates door for ages before he finally got up.

Driving down i felt seriously bad. I really wpuld have preferred just to go home and back to bed at that point!! We ended up parking at Redbridge and getting the tube in but thought the tube would have stopped before we got back but didnt really care as we'd get back somehow. We got to Wembley and it was already quite bust at about 1730:

So we got a couple of drinks and watched the support bands in the middle then when green day came on, went over the top of everyone to get to the front of the main area, where the V is you can see on the photo. The concert was amazing. They are such a good band to see live. We were all jumping around as usual and they played for 3 hours. If anyone hasn't seen them live you should, really really good. This is a video i found on youtube

Anyway we ended up getting back to the station on time and got home about 230 so am just going to sit and watch the football today and do nothing.

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