Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Work is Shit

My job selling car insurance is shit. You really get treated like shit all day and speak to wankers all day. You really get so many wankers calling. Old men are the worse...

"Can i take your first name please?"
"Your first name please?"
"Sorry sir i need to take your name for the insurance certificate"
"well i don't see why you need that but it's jonathan"

and you know it's going to be a shit call.

I had a women moaning at me the other day asking why her insurance quote was so high. She had a "causing death by dangerous driving" on her record. I wanted to say "Someone paid for your driving with their life"

Someone today was moaning asking why they paid £500 for annual insurance last year and this year it's gone up to £1000. She said "I did have a claim worth £7000 in March but it shouldn't put it up that much should it?" talk sense women...

Hopefully it'll be quiet during the football. I'm looking around for other work but there's nothing about. I still might just go to mexico and work on a boat like my sister did.


1tripz1 said...

"Someone paid for your driving with their life"

Haha! That's INSANE. How can she even argue it? How can she even drive again? Crazy.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain sir. Likewise, I have a shit job and have to talk to wankers all day. Loving the idea of working on a boat in Mexico.

S1ndr0me said...

Work = shit. I'm sitting here now waiting for the phone to ring. It always does on a monday. Someone wont be able to turn on thier PC and I'll walk a mile to discover its not switched on at the wall.

PICNIC = Problem in chair, not in computer

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