Sunday, June 06, 2010

Saturday Night Fun

I went out in Norwich last night with a few friends from work and a few mates from where i live. I the first bar we went in my mate was at the bar and started speaking to a bloke at the bar. As soon as this bloke said he worked at the same place as me my mate said "Do you like it there? My mate Matt fucking hates it"... Turns out it was my boss... brilliant.

Earlier on in the day at work i'd had one of them flirty "Are you out tonight?" conversation with one of the managers and she started ringing me off one of my mates phones and I met up with her and some other people from work. This girl models in her spare time and is super fit and If she does like me, she only likes me as we work together as she wouldn't look at me twice if we just met in a pub. I was being really stupid about things and actually being sensible for once and thinking "I'm 31 and she's 20" but i really shouldn't be worrying about things like that. We went to get into another club and I lost her and didn't have her number so couldn't meet her again later but i'll keep trying to see how it goes.. this is her by the way:

After that i met up with my mate and his sister and ended up staying with them until the club let out about 5.30 and then we went to get some food and a taxi. I feel a bit of a twat as after meeting that manager earlier she must have got me thinking so i was shitfaced and so started trying it on with my mates sister (who just looked at me in a what the fuck are you doing kind of way) and then one of my other mate from works sister was there who i ended up kissing, so i didn't really do very well in a moral not trying to pull mates sisters kind of way. I hadn't been out that late for ages and it was strange to leave a club in daylight....

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ROSSI said...

sounds a classic night