Wednesday, June 02, 2010

North Korea

That place is super fucked up. I've been reading and watching a bit about North Korea recently and it is really really scary. It's like the Ministry of Truth in 1984 where Kim Jong Il adjusts the truth to suit his means. Nobody in the masses has any access to external websites and all internal information and media is created by the ruling government. They are told they are the happiest people in the world and Kim Jong Il lives in the most lavish luxury whilst his people starve.

Kim Jong il is called the Dear leader and The President of the country is his father Kim Il-sung, even though he died in 1994 and is still treated like a God. The calender in North Korea starts at 1912 in the same way the western calender starts at the birth of christ.

What must it be like if all you're told is what the government wanted you to hear? If you had no idea what was happening in the world how do you react to situations? North Korea has got one of the largest armys in the world and have nuclear weapons. If the government tells the people that they are right and the west are enemies as are South Korea, without a voice of reason from neutral media outlets, isn't everyone going to believe that? If the news tells people that america are launching an attack and the only way to retaliate is by using nuclear force, if people have no alternate news access, why would they think that was not right?

We attack Iraq to take out saddam yet this scares me far me, I don't need to ask the question why we're not doing anything about it do I? They just have nothing we need.

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north korea is nuts
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