Monday, June 28, 2010

My 2 Cents

England.. What a load of shit.

i was watching the game with friends and nobidy mentioned this but we were screaming at the TV. In the first half before the goals, everytime we got the ball we were looking left for the width on the wing, however Gerrard was always sat in the centre of midfield. ashley cole kept getting in trouble as gerrard's instinct is to go inside.

Capello is useless in my opinion. For a start, the goalkeeper wo had the best year at club level by miles was Joe Hart. He played in the friendlies and looked confident. who do we start with? Robert Green who made more unforced errors in the premier league last year than Hart OR James. Then we have Terry playing on the wrong side of the central defence. How can we not even get that right? How hard to find a left sided Centre back to play alongside? For 10 years england fans have KNOWN that Gerrard and Lampard can't play in the same team yet we still play Gerrard right wing.

Green makes 1 error and gets dropped. Upson has 1 alright game against fucking SLOVENIA and we keep him in against the Germans when Capello had already proved with his original selections that Carragher and King were his first two choices. What heppens? Our defense is all over the place. We have Rooney playing with another striker that he is not used to doing. We have Heskey who can't score. We don't play crouch who has the best goal to game ratio of anyone in the squad. We play Milner because Defoe managed to get on the end of a cross against Slovenia. Who is he crossing to?! Rooney and Defoe are hardly renowned for aerial ability. When rooney layed on milner the other day and he didn't score, who else was shouting WALCOTT?! So who were our best players in the tournament? James? Ashley Cole? Johnson? See anything familiar with those players?? They are the only players playing in their normal fucking club position!!

Then there is the tactics. It is IMPOSSIBLE in my opinion to set yourself up tactically for a game when the players DO NOT KNOW who is playing in the match. did we do anything special tactically for the Germany game? Or did we just play the same team who did ok against Slovenia?

I think when players autobiographies come out in a few years they will slate the Capello regime. We now need to rebuild. Any players who won't play in the world Cup should now retire and start trying to get some younger players playing. Not that we have any coming through.

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