Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Well after last night i calmed down and played a bit just now... It seems like Full Tilt reaches into you head and realises the mood you're in and decides to fuck you up even more... At one stage i really felt like i could hear the site laughing at me... So many well... outdraws is probably the technical term, but 3 times in 3 games having it all in by far the best of it and to be spppppankkkeed in everyone made my sick, to the point on the last one me throwing the coins i had in my hand against the wall... it's probably time to stop when that happens Mr.Tilt isn't it????

So with bankroll now standing at $23.04 i think i'll drop to $2 limits for a bit to boost it to $50 then the next step up is the $6 i've been playing.

It is sick though.. I was looking at my pokerstars sharkscope stats and it shows the following:

Games played Av Profit Av Stake Av R.O.I Total Profit
933 $2 $20 9% $2093

I looked at STT heads up $20 games on stars and won 273 and lost 174 which i didn't think was that bad?!?!

.....And now i'm getting spanked at $6 Heads up on Full Tilt...

I should clear the first $5 deposit bonus soon to add to the $23....

Will probably relax tonight, am quite tired as me my mum, sister and Suzy went on a boat trip to see the seals at Blakeney Point which was nice and i think my mum and sister will come over tonight for the united celtic game...

Am not going to play anymore tonight and will have to go to the job centre tommorrow and try and get a job, not sure what the prospects will be like though



Marky said...

You're probably right about the two point rule being slightly off skew.
I like them because they suit my style of play - people are more willing to double you up in an attempt to bust you out and the four-table mentality means it loosens people up at the start (the ahh fuck it i'll call cos I'm still alive on three other tables).
That said, the turbo games are way to quick so it normally takes one hour + to finish them if you get to heads up.

Saw yr recent activity on the blog again, good luck with the court case and the poker play.

Marky said...

Well done mate...keep it up. The matrix games lower the variance and you can really get good reads on yr foes. Even as a short-stack on the normal speed matrixes I feel I have real chance of a double up as people are so desperate for the two points. If you lose as favourite, so be it, but going in as favourite wins in the long-run. There is way more variance at the heads-up games and even the normal SNGs IMO.

My advice, for what its worth, is to keep at the low levels, don't be tempted with more than the $6 buy-ins and grind away. The roll will move up slowly but surely.