Monday, November 24, 2008


Well the last few days on my mates Mansion account i've been messing around getting used to the skin and joining games that i thought looked ok so today i decided to start recording my results again and to start having a bit more discipline and concentrating more.

I started a new database in Statking and decided to play an hour of $5 heads up sit and goes and record the total win loss and keep doing that over loads of sessions to start generating hourly win rate etc etc. I'm also going to do the same with 6 seater $5 sit and goes and probably $5 10 seater double ups and again record the results.

I managed to get 7 games in the hour and won 5 and lost 2 for an hourly profit of £8.79. I'm not sure if he has rake back set up i'll have to check as i would have paid $3.50 in rake as well.. I don't take anything from these results as it's early days. If i'd lost the last game the profit would have been nearly nothing so i need loads of sessions to see what an accurate win rate is..

How many is beyond me though i suppose it's a work in progress..

On other terms i heard from my solicitor today and not much has happened in my case. Some other people have been arrested so it must be quite a big ongoing investigation. Hopefully i won't get pulled in for questioning again but i'm not sure, there's nothing i can tell them anyway..

I did have a laugh at the Governments way of helping us all financially by cutting VAT to 15%.. Does Alistair Darling not live in the real world?!?!?!

If someone was going to buy a table for instance that was £30 before it means it will go down to £28.46 saving £1.54 whcih i can tell you is really really really going to help alot of people, those table manufactureres are going to have a brilliant sales year...

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